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Nutritional meals for diarrhea

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目前饮食搭配不当、喂养方法不正确、天气变化、感染及生理性特点等各种原 因导致患腹泻的宝宝明显增多,让每个妈妈手忙脚乱,不知道到底该对这么小 的孩子怎么办,痛苦的是宝宝,痛心的是妈妈。 At present, improper diet, incorrect feeding methods, weather changes, infections, and physiological characteristics have caused a significant increase in babies suffering from diarrhea, leaving each mother busy and confused. I do n’t know what to do with such a small child The baby is painful and the mother is distressed. How many times or even dozens of times a day, how to help him rehydrate and recover as quickly as possible? In addition to taking medicine, there are diet therapy.

取适量小米,用文火炒至焦黄后研末加适量的水煮成糊状,凉温后服下,每日2~3次。 Jelly rice paste : take an appropriate amount of millet, stir-fry until browned, add an appropriate amount of water to the bottom, and cook into a paste. After cooling, take 2 to 3 times a day. Jom rice paste is easy to digest. Its carbonized structure can also absorb the spoilage substances in the intestinal tract. It has the effect of detoxifying and stopping diarrhea. It is one of the first choice foods for diarrhea in babies.

取新鲜胡萝卜适量,洗净切成小块,加水煮烂或者蒸烂,取出胡萝卜,捣成糊状,然后加入煮胡萝卜的水调匀即可,每5~10克胡萝卜泥大约加100毫升胡萝卜水。 Radish puree: take an appropriate amount of fresh carrots, wash and cut into small pieces, add water to boil or steam, remove the carrots, mash them into a paste, then add water to cook the carrots and mix thoroughly, add about 100 per 5-10 grams of carrot puree Ml of carrot water. This method has a significant effect on the treatment of infantile diarrhea.

蒸熟了的苹果具有很好的止泻作用,这是因为苹果中含有果胶、鞣酸,未经加热的生果胶可软化大便,起到通便的作用,而煮过的果胶则有吸收细菌和毒素的作用,还有收敛、止泻的功效。 Steamed apple puree : Steamed apples have a good antidiarrheal effect. This is because apples contain pectin and tannic acid. Unheated raw pectin can soften stools and play a laxative role. Pectin has the effect of absorbing bacteria and toxins, as well as astringent and antidiarrheal effects.

Wash the apples, cut the skin into small pieces, put them in a bowl, and steam for 5 minutes under water. After a little cooling, use a spoon to mash them into a paste and eat them, averaging 2-3 times a day.

马齿苋是一种药、食两用的植物,具有清热解毒、利湿止泻的作用,对病程较短、大便急迫、便色金黄的腹泻有很好的治疗作用。 Purslane porridge : Purslane is a medicinal and edible plant. It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, dampening and reducing diarrhea. It has a good effect on the short course of disease, the urgency of stool, and the golden color of diarrhea. Add 30g of fresh purslane (or 10g of dried purslane) and 100g of rice to make porridge.

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山药具有健脾益肾的作用,莲子亦有补脾止泻的作用,适用于腹泻日久、大便中带有不消化的奶瓣、食物的腹泻。 Yam lotus seed japonica porridge : Yam has the effect of strengthening the spleen and kidney, and lotus seed also has the effect of nourishing the spleen and reducing diarrhea. It is suitable for diarrhea, diarrhea with indigestible milk flaps in the stool, and food. Wash and peel 30 grams of yam, cut into thin slices or small dices, wash 20 grams of lotus seeds and soak for 2 hours, cook porridge with 100 grams of rice, and take it sooner or later.

Loofah flower is also a good food to relieve diarrhea. If conditions permit, you can pick a few fresh loofah flowers and wash them for scrambled eggs for your baby to eat. The effect is also very good.

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