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Why do you have to knock the table three times when someone pours tea for you?

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When others pour tea, we often see that some people knock on the table three times. This is actually a etiquette in the Chinese tea ceremony!

Whether you drink tea or not, you must know something! The main points are as follows:

1. The elder pours tea to the junior: At this time, the junior should make a fist with the right hand, the back of the fist facing up, and tap the table with five fingers. Generally, three taps are enough, which means that the five bodies cast the ground to worship the tea pouring person!

2. Pour tea to your peers: Just move your index and middle fingers together and tap the desktop three times to show that you should give each other the respect they deserve.

3. The elders pour tea to the elders: The elders can tap with one finger on the edge of the tea cup to show respect.

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Or, if the elder meets the more admired younger, you can use your middle finger to tap three times on the edge of the tea cup to express your appreciation.

People with this kind of experience will definitely feel empathy. Highly respected people will usually take the initiative to give salute, which will make the people we serve feel the goodwill and respect of each other, and the relationship between the two parties will become more harmonious.

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