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Spring ponytail & half-ball head must be obtained ~

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The most important thing for spring hairstyles is coolness, which can bring you playful feelings by tying up and fluffy curls. Of course, more importantly, both hairstyles are beautiful.


A ponytail with slightly curly hair brings a sense of fashion and personality between sports and leisure. The wavy hair shows your youthful vitality.

制作这款发型用到的工具材料有别有:加热卷发棒、保湿护发喷雾及卷发啫喱水。 step 1: The tools used to make this hairstyle are different: heated curling stick, moisturizing hair spray and curling gel water.

step 2: First of all, draw a new dividing line on the other side of the usual fringe dividing line, and make the dividing line a "Z" shape as shown in the figure.

Step 3: After moisturizing the hair with a moisturizing hair spray, roll the roots of the hair on both sides of the head inward with a curling stick.

Step 4: At the middle of the hair, the curler changes direction and rolls the hair outward.

Step 5: At the position close to the end of the hair, turn the curler one more direction and curl the hair inward to create a wave curly effect with radians in different directions.

step 6: Finally, apply curly gel water to the hair and then tie it up. After ponytailing, you can also gently pull the hair by hand according to the actual situation to adjust the effect that suits you best.


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The cute fluffy "little balls" erected on the top of the head, together with the slightly curly hair well decorated the face, the overall hairstyle is youthful and cute, full of vitality and fashion.

step 1: The tools used to make this hairstyle are different: heating curlers, hair creams and moisturizing sprays.

用卷发棒把头发统统都卷出波浪卷,方向弧度可任意,制造出随意自然的感觉。 step 2: Use a curling iron to curl all the hair out of the waves, the direction of the arc can be arbitrary, creating a random and natural feel. Use hair serum to protect and moisturize your hair before curling for better results.

往刘海处喷上保湿定型喷雾后,把头发向后左侧倾,并用手抓出自然蓬松的状态。 step 3: After spraying the moisturizing styling spray to the bangs, tilt your hair back to the left and grab the natural fluffy state with your hands.

用一条透明或与头发颜色相近的细橡皮将刘海与头顶的头发扎成一条竖起的小辫。 Step 4: Use a transparent or thin rubber similar to the hair color to tie the bangs and the hair on the head into a small braid.

将发束卷成一蓬松的竖起的丸子状,并将发尾用一字夹固定在发束的根部。 Step 5: Roll the hair bundle into a fluffy, erect meatball shape, and fix the tail with a clip on the root of the hair bundle.

Step 6: At last, tie a beautiful hair knot, and then pull out the fluffy feeling of the hair of the meatballs and bangs, a cute half-ball head is completed.

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