www.hg6033.com Oil sellers spread with pain: How many barrels of oil should a family of three eat a year? (CCTV Science and Education Channel)

Oil sellers spread with pain: How many barrels of oil should a family of three eat a year? (CCTV Science and Education Channel)

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Although I ’m an oil seller, my heart is that I hope that the majority of the people will eat more oil as quickly as possible, so that my FMCG products can be sold quickly . However, after all, it is still a good quotient. After seeing this episode of the cctv science and education channel recently, I felt that such common sense of health must not be covered but advertised. Sell less oil for yourself, and the health and well-being of the people is the greatest.

First, the survey results are as follows: According to the 2002 survey of the average oil consumption of Chinese residents, each person actually had 49 grams of oil per day. A family of three would be 11 barrels of 5 liters of oil. If a family of three frequented the restaurant, it would be 14 barrels of oil! It ’s all over the standard!

Second, it really should be like this. In 2016, the "Guide to Diet for Chinese Residents" was newly introduced. It is recommended that adults consume 25-30 grams of oil a day. According to the recommended amount of health, a family of three should eat six barrels of 5 liters of oil a year!

Third, experts suggest: Eat less oil and eat good oil. Oil is not a bad thing. It can provide energy and nutrients to the human body, and it can also play a protective role. Not eating oil at all is not good, but eating too much is not good, and may have adverse effects on the body.

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4. The key point is, what kind of oil is good oil? There must be more than one answer, but Canada Sunola canola oil imported from our original bottle is definitely one of them. 看下图,这是美国权威机构:NIH(美国国立卫生研究院)网站上刊载的食用油推荐。 This is not my blind compilation, please see the picture below. This is the edible oil recommendation published on the website of the US authority: NIH (National Institutes of Health).

For CET4 and above: http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health-pro/resources/heart/hispanic-health-manual/session-5/fats-to-choose

)饱和脂肪含量最低! A simple translation is: eat oil with low saturated fat content, long-term consumption is good for cardiovascular, and among all oils ( canola canola oil ) has the lowest saturated fat content! Oh my god, it turns out that eating our oil is eating health products, which is equivalent to daily health care! One bottle of Sonora 3L Family Pack a month, health is never an issue!

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