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"Queen" thinking is a taboo for female managers

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Flexible management is the best complement to the rigid system. Female managers have unique gender advantages and personality advantages. These characteristics can actually help female leaders correctly grasp the degree of tenderness and allow female managers to be between the "queen" and "goddess" , Give play to the unique advantages of "women" and affectionate the ruthless system.


Yao Yan: General Manager of Shenzhen Huashiyu Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Kang Qunchuan: Chairman of Shenzhen Mahir Clothing Co., Ltd.

Zhang Shuting: Chairman of Shenzhen Ruixi Investment Development Co., Ltd.

Pan Liqing: Executive Director of Shenzhen Sanyuanse Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Li Hang: Chairman of Shenzhen Zhuodi Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Ren Xin: Chairman of Shenzhen Liqi Fashion Design Co., Ltd.

"No rule is no rule", the system is the premise of management, but "it is better to have a letter than a book", relying entirely on the system, many things become more difficult. Managers are to fill the gaps in the system. They use their own capabilities and humane methods to make the enterprise's system into concrete.

In the face of a ruthless system, managers play an affectionate role, coordinating the relationship between the two to allow the company to operate at its best. How to allocate the ratio of affective management and ruthless management is correct? As a female leader, do you want to be intertwined?

Yao Yan: Managers' execution is the key

The system has an unshakable position in each company, and is the basis for a company to operate normally. It is precisely because of its coercive nature that makes it look ruthless. But is the system really ruthless and must be ruthless? I think the key is implementation. The manager's execution method and intensity are the key to turning the ruthless system into affectionate management.

In the process of management, there are always a variety of emergencies. Many people use managers to deal with emergencies to gauge whether the company is sentimental. This is biased, but it is a challenge. For example, the problems often encountered by post-90s employees, they will temporarily take leave according to the mood of that day. This kind of temporary leave will interfere with the normal operation of the project, and it will bring negative effects. What to do in the face of such a thing? If you follow the system completely, it will be considered as dehumanizing. You cannot treat all these special groups after the 90s; if you do not follow the system, you will not be able to suppress these negative effects. This is a dilemma. Acting purely according to the system will bring about a mixed outcome.

Therefore, the manager's affectionate management is needed. First of all, affectionate management manifests itself in investigating the root causes and understanding of employees' actions. At this time, we will find that this is because they do not understand the company culture. Therefore, it is possible to strengthen communication, increase group activities, enhance employees' sense of participation and responsibility, and let employees understand the meaning of the system. Second, according to the existing problems, conduct public opinion surveys on the system and continuously improve the system. I believe that employees can be reassured and convinced when they are honest and decisive! Rigid-flexible combination can manage the company more effectively.

Kang Qunchuan: The "one size fits all" system is relentless

In my opinion, the reason why the system looks more ruthless is because it adopted a "one size fits all" approach to all employees at all stages, and did not make some specific adjustments to the company's development stage and different positions of employees. The system at this time is equivalent to a general employee manual, excluding all unexpected situations or other possibilities. But in fact, we all understand that in the management, there are always emergences and unregulated situations. Therefore, these are the spaces left by the system for managers.

First of all, we need to identify the stage of the company's development and position the stage, and adopt different methods at different stages. Second, analyze the company's employees in terms of position and age, based on these basic information, and at the same time Vocational training and assign them to suitable positions. As a result, not only have employees become more productive, they are also happier every day. In my opinion, this is a sentimental way of management.

At the same time, in my management experience, I found that the most costly enterprise costs are the transfer and docking sections. For example, after each meeting and after the task is assigned, there will always be time delays or quality discounts for employees to complete the task. Through discussions with employees, I found that this was not due to rigorous system and insufficient punishment, but because of insufficient communication. Therefore, managers should be like lubricants, so that employees can follow the system and feel tenderness.

Zhang Shuting: Good system helps employees realize their dreams

It turned out that when our factory was doing jewelry processing, the system for employees was very strict on the production line. But since we started making high-quality branded jewelry, the liquidity of our employees has changed, so our system has also changed accordingly. Therefore, I think that the system will not only differ depending on the type of enterprise, but also because of changes in the liquidity of employees.

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The employees I face now are mainly designers born in the 1980s. They have received a good education and have a good family background. For them, work is to achieve the ideal of life and the value of life. They attach more importance to the realization of the enterprise platform for the value of their lives! Therefore, we have carried out corresponding reforms in the system to make the company a stage for them to realize their dreams.

For entrepreneurs, how to maintain corporate development culture and systems in a changing environment is a topic of constant discussion. Today, in a fast-growing environment, we need to put our minds more peacefully and for a longer time. You also need to keep a clear head and pay attention to maximizing your capital efficiency in the development process. At the same time, you need to calm down and make a long-term plan. Based on your unique understanding and interpretation of the market, use your own advantages to create a market-friendly system.

In fact, the core competitiveness of running an enterprise is team culture and product capabilities. Behind any commercial project, there are people with flesh and blood operating. This shows that in the company's business, affectionate management is inevitable. To give employees a stage to realize their dreams is a reflection of the company's affectionate management.

Pan Liqing: Elasticity, softness

The system is set by people, so it is often incomplete. If the system is regarded as a wooden barrel, then the manager is the key person who controls the short board on the barrel. Since people are the makers of the system and can even be modified, then the system is no longer dead, but can cooperate with the industry to do "flexible" treatment.

In management, I don't think it's necessary to be a "queen" every day, but it doesn't need to be a "goddess" all the time. It should be both hard and soft, and flexible. When the system is launched, it is strictly enforced; when there is room for "tenderness", it is not necessary to keep the facial nerves tight. For example, I believe that employees' loyalty to the company and their sense of responsibility for their work are their most basic qualities. Even if an employee is able to work harder, but without the support of loyalty and responsibility, he loses his original value. Therefore, at this time, you cannot be tender and must be dealt with strictly.

Our company belongs to the automotive industry, and the industry itself is tough enough in consciousness. In addition, there are many branches and remote management is needed. Therefore, we have adopted a "easy-to-run" management system. First, our employee handbook will integrate the company's welfare, responsibility, corporate culture, and the work content of each department as much as possible. Second, we will give a high degree of management freedom to middle-level cadres and above. Have the freedom to formulate small rules in accordance with their own way; for senior cadres, there will be bonus options to manage them, let them become automatic waves to work; Finally, at the annual summary meeting, we will discuss and modify the system. In this way, to give employees the greatest degree of respect, they can motivate their passion and give managers a space to deal with tenderness.

Li Hang: Regarding system and humanized management, there is no shortage of one.

In the early days of the company's establishment, I planned four "one" goals. That is to choose an industry, develop a system, build a team, build a brand. It can be seen that the system is essential for companies that want to grow larger. At the same time, I also very much agree with the "98" rule. That is, when the company is operating, 98% of the brand is culture, 98% of the operation is humanity, 98% of the resources are integration, and 98% of the contradictions are misunderstandings. It can be seen that the system is the basic of the company, the company culture is the focus, and humanized management is the necessary way to keep a company from going a detour. Therefore, I believe that only these three troikas can go hand in hand to escort the development of the enterprise.

Therefore, when managing a company, I often use these three points as starting points. For example, we have special talks about temporary leave for post-90s employees. For them, fines have no effect, because what they lack is not money, but awareness of their job responsibilities. At this time, we adopt the method of "encompassing both powers" and we must first care about them. For example, if there is a physical problem, he will be sent directly to the doctor for examination. When he encounters a psychological problem, we will ask the reasons, explain the impact of his departure on the project, let him realize his importance, and even agree to ask for leave. He felt the warmth from the company and the joy of work; when he was late for laziness, he would be punished accordingly, letting him know that the system was not put on display.

The system will not be perfect. As long as managers implement the system and combine the company's corporate culture, adhere to the direction of market innovation, product innovation, service innovation and system innovation, the company will do better and better.

Ren Xin: The highest state of management lies in the word "love"

The so-called "rule is not square". Even in the seemingly unconventional fashion industry, the design and implementation of institutions is necessary. What managers can do is to make the system more humane when it is designed, and make the system more strict when it is implemented. This degree of grasp is the biggest test for managers. Women are generally considered to be better at grasping this degree, which is determined by the unique gender and personality advantages of female managers. Therefore, we can give play to the unique advantages of the "woman" between the "queen" and the "goddess" to empathize the ruthless system.

Actually, affectionate management is everywhere. In my opinion, the highest state of management lies in a word of "love". This "love" can be interpreted in various ways. A good manager, an attentive female manager, is actually a good psychiatrist, who can prescribe the right medicine and give the employee the kind of "love" he needs most. For example, give employees "full freedom" and let them do the work that suits them best. And this "love" word is the best way to cultivate employees' sense of belonging, so that employees can truly understand the corporate culture.

In management and communication with employees, I pay particular attention to "trust". I believe that trust is also a sentiment. Because of trust, professional things can be left to professional people to do, which can give employees sufficient trust and tolerance, and employees will feel warm, more attentive and more responsible. In my opinion, this is the best embodiment of emotional management.


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