Www.999hg.com Sydney Hobart Regatta Sharing Session to Unveil at 2017 Shanghai International Boat Show

Sydney Hobart Regatta Sharing Session to Unveil at 2017 Shanghai International Boat Show

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Invited by the China Shipbuilding Industry Association's Boat Branch, Yachting Magazine, Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and other parties, the internationally famous sailing event-the Sydney Hobart Regatta Australia's Cruise Yacht Club (Australia, CYCA) President John Max will lead a delegation to visit China in late April with the Tattersall Cup, the coveted trophy of the sailors. While in China, the delegation will visit Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai. Because of the optimistic prospects for China's waterfront leisure and water sports development, and based on the influence of the Shanghai International Yacht Show in China and internationally, the delegation will be invited to the 2017 Shanghai International Yacht Opening Ceremony for the first time to promote Sydney Hobart. Regattas and exchanges with the Boat Branch of China Shipbuilding Industry Association. John Max will deliver a keynote speech at the special planning event "A brainstorming on the future of Chinese sailing" held on the opening day of the 2017 Shanghai International Yachting Ceremony, and "show" the most comprehensive Sydney Hobart Regatta to the industry and the public. At the same time, share experiences with participants, and conduct extensive discussions on event development and management (onshore and on the water), scientific navigation, safety training and cultural construction. The Sydney Hobart Regatta has been held for 72 times since it was first held in 1945. Over the past 72 years, it has gradually evolved into one of the world's most prestigious and challenging regattas, with the Rolex Fastnet Race and New Zealand on the Atlantic coast of northern Europe. The Porter to Newport Bermuda Race is known as the "Three Classic Offshore Sailing Races in the World". The person in charge of the Boat Branch of the China Shipbuilding Industry Association said that through this event, the relevant parties in China and Australia will work together to promote the development of China-Australia nautical sports and waterfront leisure culture water sports, and strengthen the sailing clubs and youth sailing in the two countries. Interaction and communication of lovers.


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