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Looking for a fire-fighting hero half a century ago

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My name is Liu Chengming, and I am an ordinary soldier in the Daqing detachment of the Armed Police Force of Weier Road, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. By accident, I saw the story of a fire fighting company Lian Zhanjun in the Armed Police Force's team log, so I started thinking Find this old senior's idea ...

It was in the early morning of December 29, 1970, the Daqing Refinery Oil Workshop caused a fire due to a gas explosion. The soldiers of the 9th Company and the 2nd Battalion of 1336 Corps, who were performing tasks in this workshop, rushed to the scene and rushed into the fire zone. During the fire extinguishing, Lien Zhanjun was stunned by the violent impact of air waves, and was soon awakened by continuous explosions. At this time, he realized that the relevant valve had not been closed properly. This oil pipeline went straight through to make platinum reforming containing strong explosives. Two large oil tanks in the workshop. There are also large tanks of acid, alkali, benzene, ammonium, etc. 10 meters away from the scene, which seriously threaten the safety of several nearby workshops, large oil tanks and a series of tank trucks.

At that time, Lien Zhanjun's clothes were on fire, but he ignored them completely, holding the valve handwheel with both hands with strong perseverance, and quickly turned off to avoid a vicious accident. In recognition of Lien Zhanjun's heroic deeds, the Party Committee of the 1336 Army gave Lian Zhanjun a third-class credit once.

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Lien Zhanjun still risked his life and returned to the fire with his body burned continuously. He closed the valve with a scorched hand, saved national property, and avoided a larger-scale disaster. However, he himself was severe. Burns, facial disfigurement, and reportedly never married.

At that time, I saw this story was very shocking, I went to check the city history of Daqing City, and found that there is also a record of this old hero, so I reported the situation to the leader of our army, and the leaders agreed to find the old hero On the one hand, we cannot let us forget the deeds of the old hero, and on the other hand, we hope to give him some help in life.


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