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After doing this, will your husband help you wash the bottom?

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01 Good sister, what are you and my husband like

When Jian Xia got off the plane, she received a call from her servant saying that her son had acute pneumonia and had a fever of over 40 degrees.

At the hospital, she rushed out of the car and ran to the pediatric inpatient department.

Jane Xia is no stranger to the VIP ward area of pediatrics. At more than six in the morning, it was extraordinarily quiet. Even the nurses on duty were lying on the nurse's desk and falling asleep.

For fear of disturbing others' peace, Jane Xia almost subconsciously, she eased and walked to his son's ward.

"Ayan, his son's high fever hasn't subsided now. Will he have nothing to do?"

When Jian Xia was three or four meters away from her son's ward, a tender voice suddenly entered her ears with a disturbing voice, like a thunder, and caught her off guard.

This voice is too familiar, so familiar that even Jane Xia couldn't believe it, what she heard was true.

"Fool! Don't think about it, the doctor said it. It takes a process to get burned down. If you go down all of a sudden, it will be abnormal."

Just when Jian Xia lifted her legs and wanted to get closer, confirming that she had heard it wrong, another more familiar voice poured into her ear, shaking her eardrum strongly.

Jian Xia was shocked, and the whole person was in the same place.

"When will Jane Xia come back?"

"She also has an important meeting in the United States. She should not be back so soon, so you don't have to worry about it. Just stay with your son in peace! The doctors and nurses here have told me that they will not mess up. Say something. "

Jian Xia's hand dropped to her side, and she gradually clenched her fists.

However, she did not understand that when she nearly lost her life-born son in August, she became Yan Yiru's son.

Raising her leg, Jane Xia wanted to rush into the ward, to ask her husband who had been sleeping with her for three years, and to ask her good friends who had grown up like her sisters and sisters since she was a child.

However, the steps under her feet suddenly seemed to be filled with lead, no matter how hard she tried, she could not move.

"A Yan, you say, if one day, Jian Xia knew that the son who had always lived by her was not born to her at all, and she gave birth to a daughter, would she go crazy?"


Was she born a daughter? !!

Jian Xia's eyebrows suddenly froze, and a pair of clear pupils kept tightening.


A sound of disdainful cold hum, pierced through the layers of air, like a needle tip, pierced into Jian Xia's ear and pierced her heart severely.

"If she's gone crazy, wouldn't our family of three be together justified?"

All intellect, at this instant, was completely separated.

Jane Xia is crazy!

At this moment, she was really crazy!


The loud noise made Leng Yan and Yan Yiru, who were embracing together on the sofa, looked at the door at the same time. When they saw who the woman rushed towards them was, they were both stunned and widened Eyes, forgetting the reaction.

"Xia Xia, you ..."


Yan Yiru's words hadn't come out yet. Jian Xia rushed to them, raised her hand, and slapped Leng Yan's face severely.

"Xia Xia, listen to me, ..."

"Shut up!" Jian Xia growled, "Yan Yiru, get out of me!"

"Xia Xia ..." Yan Yiru stood up from Leng Yan's arms and reached out to hold Jian Xia, "Xia Xia, things are not what you think, Leng Yan and I ... . "

"Not what I think ?!"

"Hahaha ..." Jian Xia sneered, tears came out, and her cream-stained eyes fell sharply on Yan Yiru's face, "My good sister, then tell me, you and How is my husband? "

"I ... I came to see Xiaoyu, but I just accidentally fell into Ayan's arms."

"Is it?!"

Jian Xia laughed, and Yan Yiru was so tender and touching in front of her. She was like a demon scratching her teeth and dancing. She raised her hand and wanted to fall down on Yan Yiru's face.

Only then, her hand was lifted into the air, and she was intercepted by a large hand.

"Jian Xia, you can hit me, but you must not hit Yi Ru."

Jian Xia's hateful gaze swept towards Leng Yan, "Where is my daughter? Where is my daughter?"

When Lian Yan and Yan Yiru heard, their faces paled for a moment.

"What daughter! I don't know."

"Leng Yan, you a beast!"

Leng Yan gritted his teeth, dragged Jian Xia's hand, and threw it aside.


"Bang!" Jian Xia's forehead slammed into the corner of the coffee table, and the bright liquid poured out instantly.

"Woo, mom ..." The sleepy child in the hospital bed was finally woken up, "Mom ..."

Jian Xia fell to the ground, struggling to prop up her body, looked at the bed, and twitched a slight arc at the corner of her mouth.

She reached out and wanted to hug the child, but the line of sight became more and more blurred, more and more blurred ...

那不是你的女儿吗 02 Isn't that your daughter?

It's three days since Jan Xia woke up.

She turned her head, the summer sun outside the window, and the extraordinarily dazzling lights, which pierced her eyes intensely.

Jane Xia narrowed her eyes a little uncomfortably, and when her mind flashed over the scene before her coma, her eyes burst into tears uncontrollably.

She is not sad! She's just sad!

Entered Leng's home at the age of 11, and fell in love with Leng Yan at the age of 17. At the age of 21, she graduated and became Leng Yan's wife. He slept in the same bed with him, but he never touched her.

Just thinking that he had obstacles in that area, she concealed everyone for him. When he said he wanted a child, she lay down on the icy operating table and allowed the hard steel pipe to pierce her and accept an artificial conception.

Jian Xia remembers clearly that when she was less than eight months pregnant, it was Leng Yan who pushed him down the stairs with his own hands, which led to her premature birth and a lifeline.

It turned out that all unintentional accidents were all long-planned betrayals!

At this time, the door of the ward was opened with a click.

Jian Xia didn't look sideways, only raised her hand, and quickly wiped the tears in the corner of her eyes.

Vulnerability and tears have always been the most spurned things. This is what Jane Xia understood early on.

At the door, Leng Yan, holding a large bouquet of perfume lilies in her hand, saw Jian Xia's movements of wiping her tears, and her footsteps paused for a moment. The originally mild eyes instantly faded the temperature and became cold.

"You're awake." Leng Yan walked over to the hospital bed with extremely formulated greetings.

Jane Xia turned to look at him.

This husband I have known for 13 years, loved for 6 years, and shared a bed in the name of husband and wife for three years.

"I don't like perfume lily." Jian Xia smiled extremely calmly, like the gentle and considerate wife who knew nothing at the time, "I like the starry sky."

Unfortunately, for so long, Leng Yan didn't remember!

"Don't like it?" Leng Yan raised his lips coldly, and then he threw the lily in his hand into the trash can. "Just don't like to throw it away."

Jane Xia laughed, looking into Leng Yan's cold eyes. Inside, she could not see a trace of pity, even if it was in disguise, now he has dismissed it.

"Jian Xia, you are a clever person. You know what to say and what you shouldn't say." Leng Yan's voice was low and impatient, but it was very threatening.


Leng Yan smiled scornfully, "Your daughter is in my hands. If you want to see her, don't talk to me about any conditions, and don't do anything you shouldn't do!"

Even though the heart was as dead as it was, at this moment, Jian Xia's heart was stinging severely. All the internal organs and the six organs were stabbing and hurting. A sweet smell stuck in her chest and couldn't go up or down.

"Isn't that your daughter?"

Leng Yan looked at Jian Xia, who was so calm, and frowned. In the end, there was a hint of guilt.

But it was only a brief moment, and that guilt disappeared.

The two were staring at each other, and neither one spoke.

Looking at Jian Xia's bright eyes, but the tears that had been stubborn and unwilling to shed, for a long time, Leng Yan defeated and staggered his sight.

At this moment, the door of the ward was pushed open again from the outside, and an old couple stained with silver came in.

"Little Seven, you are awake!"

Hearing that unusually familiar voice of love, Jane Xia blinked quickly, covering up the tears in her eyes, and at the same time, Leng Yan, who looked cold and cold, returned to a gentle appearance.

"Grandpa, grandma." Leng Yan turned around and took the lead to call the pair of old men at the door.

"Grandma." Jian Xia struggling with her hands, slightly supporting her body, looking at the door, calling again with a smile, "Grandpa."

"Ayan, don't hurry to help your daughter-in-law." The old lady Wang Huilan got up when she saw Jian Xia in the hospital bed, and quickly instructed her grandson.

Leng Yan nodded and turned back to help Jian Xia.

How much I liked it before, how much I hate it now!

So when Leng Yan's hand was stretched out, Jian Xia subconsciously wanted to avoid it. However, when thinking of Leng Yan, he thought of a pair of old people who loved him for more than ten years. Kai Lengyan's hand.

"Xiao Qi, is there any discomfort?" Leng Qirong, walking with his cane, came to the bed, and lovingly asked with dignity.

Jian Xia shook her head. "No, I'm fine! Grandpa and grandma are worried."

"Ayan said you accidentally stumbled, fell over, and fell into a coma, but it scared me to my old lady." The old woman groaned, but she was full of affection for Jian Xia in her eyes.

Jane Xia laughed and quickly lowered her head. "I'm sorry! I'm so careless."

"Okay, now people are awake, it's okay, come on, come home with grandparents."

03 Lengjia Siye

The car drove into the gate of Lengjia Garden with black and gold, bypassed a huge fountain, and slowly stopped in front of the gate of the main building.

"Hee hee, Dad, come here, come and catch me!"

The servant pulled the door of the car, and Jane lifted her leg and got out of the car. A clear voice like a silver bell passed through her ears.

Looking up at the sound, not far away, a little girl with a pink carved jade in a small floral skirt immediately caught the sight of Jian Xia.

In the evening of midsummer, under the setting sun, the golden afterglow sprinkled the little girl's shoulders, like a little angel, stepping on the colorful clouds, against the sky, and ran towards Jian Xia.

The little girl, who was about the same size as the "son" in front of her, seemed to be familiar and familiar as if she had seen it somewhere, but Jian Xia couldn't remember where she had met.

Suddenly thought of something, Jian Xia shivered suddenly, crouched down, grasped the little girl's shoulders with excitement, and asked with a trembling voice, "Who is your father?"

The little girl crooked her head slightly, opened a pair of extremely bright and bright eyes, and raised a thin eyebrow to look at Jian Xia in front of her, full of curiosity and inquiry.

"My little obedient, why are you running around alone?" The old lady got out of the car and saw the little sweaty granddaughter running, and reproached with pampering.

"Grandma, I'm not alone, my dad is with me!" Then the little girl pointed towards a big tree not far away, "Look!"

In the direction of the little girl's fingers, Jane Xia looked over.

Against the golden light, Jian Xia saw that not far away, she really had a long and erect figure.

Sin City

The simple white stand-up collar shirt, khaki casual trousers, hands copied in the trouser pocket, standing there lazily and lazily, motionless, a pair of deep eyes like ancient wells, squinted slightly, and fixedly looked In the direction of the child, the corners of the lips are linked with seemingly radians.

Calm, elegant, yet indifferent, incompatible with the golden light behind.

It was the youngest son of the old man and the old lady, the fourth son of Leng's family, and the entire city of Huinan was well known to everyone.

Jian Xia bowed her head, but she hadn't seen it for almost three years. Unexpectedly, Leng Siye had married silently and returned with a daughter.

"Ting Yu, how did you do it, such a hot day, let Xiaomi grain run sweaty?" The old lady looked at the young son not far away and blamed.

Leng Tingyu smiled with a bowed head, opened his long straight legs, and walked towards everyone in a leisurely pace.

"Four uncles." Leng Yan, who got out of the car following the old man, saw Leng Tingyu coming over, and called respectfully with a smile.

Leng Ting met Hou Lip, quickly glanced over Leng Yan, and landed on Jian Xia.

Jian Xia stood up, looked up inadvertently, and her gaze fell sharply into Leng Tingyu's deep, star-like ink eyes.

Breathing stagnation for a moment, Jian Xia quickly lowered her eyes and whispered, "Four uncles."

Leng Tingyu nodded faintly, and issued an "um" note from his nasal cavity.

"Dad, who is this beautiful sister?" Xiaomi asked, curiously, dragging Jian Xia's corner of her clothes, leaning on her small head.

"It's you Tang Yan." Leng Tingyu looked at her daughter, her cold eyes, and instantly got the temperature.

"What is sugar glutinous rice?" Xiaomi grain frowned, "Can it be eaten?"

"Hahaha ..." Both the old man and the old woman were amused by the cute little granddaughter. The old man passed by and hugged the millet grains. "Little Seven, it is your old brother's wife, and his brother is you Brother Tang, so you have to call Xiao Qi Tang Yan. "

Xiaomi dulled his mouth and flattered, "Grandpa's name is Tang Ye Xiaoqi, can I also call Tang Ye Xiao Qi?"

"What do you think?" The old man asked no questions.

"Dad, can I?" Xiaomi Lian asked, looking at Leng Tingyu, who looked pink and tender, and didn't know how cute she was.

When Leng Ting smiled, she stared deeply at Jian Xia. "This depends on what you mean by Tang Yan."

Leng Tingyu's deep, mellow voice made Jian Xia, who was looking at Xiaomi grains, suddenly looked back.

She lowered her head and used a slight smile to cover up all the bitterness in her heart. "Yes, you call me Xiao Qi."

If her daughter was by her side now, wouldn't she be as cute as Xiaomi?

04 Until you don't want to leave

A group of people entered the main building and came to the lobby. At first, Jian Xia thought that he would meet the "Four Sisters".


All she saw was her 'son', Leng Ye, and a group of servants running after Leng Ye's house.

"Master, slow down!"

"Little master, this medicine is not bitter, sweet, you try!"

"Mom, mom ........." Xiao Lengxi saw Jian Xia who appeared and rushed at her immediately.

Jane Xia stopped and stared at the spot, staring at the 'son' rushing towards her, in her heart, like knocking over the Wuwei bottle, everything tasted.

Xiaoyi is just an innocent child. Can she hate him?

"Mom, the baby doesn't take medicine, don't take medicine ....." Simian, Xiao Lengying had rushed over, hugged Jian Xia's leg, leaned his head, and clenched.

Jian Xia's eyebrows moved slightly, trying to make a little smile come out of her mouth.

"Xiaoyao, my mother is injured, it's not good yet, can my dad stay with you?" When Jane Xia uncontrollably wanted to squat down and hug her 'son', Leng Yan on the side had reached out, Hold Xiao Leng in her arms.

"Where does the mother hurt, the baby whispers to the mother!" Although being held by Leng Yan, Xiao Lengying kept looking at Jian Xia, and stretched out her hands to hug her.

Jian Xia looked at Xiao Lengyan, her eyes were inexplicable, and suddenly she lowered her head.

"Grandpa, grandma, let me go upstairs to take a bath and change clothes."

"Okay, go!" The old woman nodded, then, holding Xiao Leng's little hand, "Come, Grandma feeds Xiao Xiao to take medicine, OK?"

"No, I want my mother, I want my mother!"

Jian Xia couldn't listen any more, and strode toward the staircase as if running away.

"Dad, Xiao Qi seems unhappy!" Xiaomi grained out.

Leng Tingyu reached out and rubbed her daughter's hair, the light in the corner of her eyes, squinted at the slender figure leaving in a hurry, without saying a word.


Sliding into the bathtub, closing her eyes slowly, Jian Xia was like a deflated inflatable doll, without a trace of anger.

Her mind was chaotic, chaotic, and for a moment, she felt that her life had been so bad.

Should she divorce Leng Yan?

Divorced, fulfilled him and Yan Ruyi?

Then, switch back to her daughter?

Jane Xia raised her lips and smiled wryly.

If things could really be that simple, Leng Yan wouldn't have married her at first, and wouldn't have worked so hard for so many years.

With a click, the bathroom door was pushed open from the outside.

Jian Xia opened her eyes warily and looked towards the door.

The next second, she grabbed a bath towel aside and held it against her chest.

"Go out!"

Leng Yan didn't even bother to close the bathroom door, took off his suit jacket, pulled his tie, and threw it away at the corner of his lips, creating a cool arc.

"Don't you always want me to be with you? Why, now you don't want to!"

Jane Xia looked at him, and she didn't know if it was the smoke or because of something else, she uncontrollably picked up a layer of water vapor.

"Leng Yan, let's get divorced!"


The cool arc of Leng Yan's mouth gradually enlarged, while unbuttoning his shirt, he continued to approach the bathtub.

When he came to the bathtub, he shook his shirt, then leaned down, reached out and clasped Jian Xia's chin, and pressed hard. "Why do you think I would pursue you and marry you?"

The pain at the chin came, and the whole person felt a sense of being crushed, but Jian Xia didn't struggle at all, only looked at Leng Yan for a moment, waiting for him to continue.

"If the old lady had made a will and gave you all the shares in your name after death, would you think I would let my son call you 'Mom'?"

Jane Xia smiled!

It turned out to be this way, why it took so long, but she didn't know anything.

"Relax! I'll tell grandma that I won't take a share of her."

Leng Yan gritted his teeth, "Dare you!"

"Leng Yan, what do you want?" Jian Xia roared. She never thought that a man he had loved for so many years would be such a hypocrite.

"How ?!" Leng Yan smiled evilly, "Now I will satisfy you and make you a real Mrs. Leng once."

Looking at Leng Yan's rapidly enlarged face, Jian Xia quickly left the beginning, avoiding his pressed lips, and then suddenly pushed hard to push him away.

Unexpectedly, Leng Yan was pushed away by Jian Xia and fell to the ground.

Jian Xia got out of the bathtub and took off the clothes she had just taken off to cover herself and ran outside.

It was only that she ran a step, and there was a large hand behind her, wrapped around her waist, pulled her back, and flung back hard.

"Bang!" With a bang, Jian Xia was thrown on the cold wall.

Jian Yan's face was calm, and she strode over in two steps, pressing his tall body directly on Jian Xia's body, holding her hands with one big hand, raising her head, and pinching her chin with the other hand.

"Don't you always want to be taken by me, have you secretly stewed various tonics for me, now I'll satisfy you."

Then, Leng Yan's head pressed down.

Jian Xia's head was struck with a slight concussion a few days ago, and she woke up not long before, but was hit hard again. The whole person was dizzy. He couldn't hear what Leng Yan was talking about and couldn't see. Knowing his face, it was only the moment when there was a warm touch on the lip, Jane Xia instinctively began to struggle.

"Leng Yan ......... don't touch me ..."

While Lian Yan raged on Jane Xia's lips, he unfastened his trousers, and his voice was like a revenge. He gritted his teeth and said, "Don't you want a divorce? Since you want a divorce, then I will do it. Until now! "

"Leng Yan ......... you bastard ..."

Jian Xia dodged desperately, and thought of the entanglement between the man and her woman who was pressing on her at the moment, she was sickened.

Just as Leng Yan pried open her teeth and wanted to drive the horse straight, Jian Xia forced her bite at the tip of his tongue.

Sudden pain caused Leng Yan to retreat subconsciously, and the bloody taste in his mouth spread immediately.

Leng Yan raised his hand and wiped the tip of his tongue, it seemed uncertain, Jian Xia could really bite so hard.

However, seeing the bright liquid on his hand, he became even harder.

With both hands clasped on Jian Xia's delicate waist, Lian Yan forced hard, forcing Jian Xia to turn around, facing her back, pressing her against the wall, and then pulling the only restraint on her body.


For the first time, it was so clear that the man's hotness arrived on his body. Jian Xia was afraid to tremble. She struggled desperately, but to no avail.

"Leng Yan, please, don't ... I beg you ..."

Jian Xia's begging for mercy, not only did not exchange Leng Yan's soft heart, the reaction even stimulated his nerves, and even every cell in the whole body began to clamor and began to boil.

He didn't expect that he would have such a strong bathing desire for Jian Xia!

Never had a bath look.

The only restraint on her body was finally torn off. Leng Yan's hands once again clasped the waist of Jian Xia Yingying's grip, and she wanted to put her in a suitable schedule so that he could get in.

"Little Seven, Little Seven, grandparents call you for dinner, where are you?"

Just when Leng Yan wanted to step in, outside, there was an angelic voice from Xiaomi.

"Xiaomi grains, I'm here, I'm in the bathroom ..."

Jian Xia shouted and shivered. At this moment, she was crying with joy, hot tears, big and big, pouring out completely uncontrollably.

"Xiaomi grains, I'm here ..."


Leng Yan gritted his teeth. The bathroom door was wide open. He had to stop all movements and let go of Jian Xia. Then he pulled a bath towel around his lower body quickly.

Green eyes stared at Jian Xia fiercely, he turned and strode out of the bathroom.

When he walked to the bathroom door, he threw the bathroom door with a bang!

Jane Xia's body slipped down along the wall.

She crouched on the ground, covering her face with her hands, and wailing loudly!

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