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Does anyone have you in your heart?

Public number: Signature of Healing Department Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:01:09

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

The Reborn Girl

People who care about you will treat you as you are

Ignore who will not ignore you

Pin your name, reply your message in seconds

Care about your sadness and joy, care about your body

Because of you, I know what is Jiji

People who don't care about you will treat you as the wind

Not proactive, not enthusiastic

I don't want to distress you

You give again, you give again

Still indifferent to you

You wait, you wait

It's also hard to touch him

Maybe his world you are the only one

Maybe his world never lacks you

Those who love you will do everything for you

Those who don't love you will ignore everything

No one is more important to you than you.

Even if you are busy, I will find time to find you

Because your concern he knows

Even if I ’m bored, I want to talk to you

Because when you feel you have reliance


No one is more important to you than you

Although you let go of your pride,

It's considered flattering

Even though you pay as much as you can,

Still can't move

Everything you exhausted, all floated

Always remember

Those who want to find you, there will always be time

Magic Sword Girl

People who don't want to find you, busyness is an excuse

How long can someone wait for you

People who don't want to stay with you for a while

Anything with you in your heart

Nothing works without you in my heart

It's not difficult to fall in love

The hard part is to love the right person

Love to people

Always more important than falling in love

correct person

Can't bear you crying, can't bear you waiting

Can't bear to have something in your heart

Your expression will directly affect his mood

The wrong people

Don't care if you hurt, don't care if you hurt

Don't care if you are anxious

Your things never fluctuated against him

Don't think that your heart is feelings

Good feelings

I will be moved to tears

Who cares about you

You can't care less

People who don't care about you

You don't have to care

Life is so short

Don't waste time for your love

/ Soul is so small

Don't put emotions in someone who is not worth it

Signature of Healing Department (zhiyuqianming100)

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