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Photography Tips | Landscape Photography (1)

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Scenery photography

Recently, a photography contest was held in the school. Has Meimei's photography inspired your urge to pick up the camera? Today, I will take my own work as an example and present a series of landscape photography tips for everyone.

Spring is the best season for hua (hua). In order to highlight the subject and blur the background, you can use a large aperture and make the distance between the camera and the flower much smaller than the distance between the flower and the background. The green blurred background will bring out the vividness and beauty of the flowers.

Composition is the most important technique when taking a bunch of flowers. If the flowers are lying horizontally, try to place them on the third line of the whole photo. Water drops after the rain can even make people feel more compassionate.

What is the most important factor in photography? Equipment, skills, methods? Of course these are important, but no matter what kind of artistic creation, thought is always the most core part. Choose a good subject and highlight what you think. This is what a photography lover should have.

Touch the color of fresh green with freshness, and outline the beauty of dusk with heavy ink. Photography is everywhere. See you next time, I'm Yan Peng, photographer, and today's photography tips for everyone here.

(Due to the limitation of uploading pictures on WeChat, the photos are all compressed versions, which differs from the original in sharpness.)


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