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In what way are you the most hypocritical?

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Everyone has their own camouflage mask, especially in the places where they care most and are most vulnerable, it is easier for people to like camouflage. But sometimes this makes people think it is a hypocritical manifestation. They dare not face the facts. Probably you can't feel it yourself, but the people around you have been disgusted, so in which way are you most hypocritical?

1. Do you like listening to songs?



2. Can't help singing?



3. Have more thoughts?



4. Disgusted by other people's bad views on you?

is 6


5. Easy to avenge?

is 6


6. Many friends?



7. Pay attention to details?



8. Like to call the boss?



9. Spend a lot on friends?



10. Like to joke?



11. Easy to play games addictive?



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A: Interpersonal relationships are the most hypocritical

In front of friends, you are a person who is easy to be hypocritical. The reason is that you care about the views of your friends. You are afraid that you will be looked down upon by those around you. However, on the contrary, your selfishness will gradually be exposed as the contact time increases.

B: The most hypocritical at work

You are a particularly hypocritical person in the workplace. The reason is that you still have a strong resistance to the people around you. No matter whether the relationship between you and you is competitive, you will feel that the interests of the workplace are paramount and follow a lot. People are extra careful when they interact, but they don't have to be so careful.

C: Personality is so

It seems that you were originally a person living with a mask. This is your personality relationship. There is no hypocrisy. You are also used to protecting yourself in this way. You may not be a hypocrisy. It's just that you don't like showing your heart. Not many people can go deep into your heart.

D: Hypocrisy in love

You really care about love, but it is because you care about love that you look very hypocritical in love, often when you care about love

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