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Pectoralis major, mermaid line perfect strategy

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Pectoralis major, mermaid line perfect strategy


Many fitness friends want to work out,

But I don't know where to start.

只要 有一颗坚持的心 As long as you have a persistent heart

With the right approach

可以练出理想的身材! You can practice your ideal figure!

武林秘籍 Here are the martial arts cheats for bodybuilders by Xiaobian :


1. Pay attention to whole body exercise


Any training mode should pay attention to the integrity. If you only practice the parts you like, it will make the body uncoordinated, which will affect the body in addition to affecting the overall beauty. So if you need to practice abdominal or pectoral muscles, don't just focus on these two parts. Occasionally training other parts of the body can also strengthen the part you want to train, especially the legs. Don't skip it.

2. Regularly adjust the plan


“免疫”。 If you think that a free-handed fitness plan is not necessary, your body has poor muscle endurance and strength in the early stages of exercise. When you have a certain fitness foundation, your body's various functions will be enhanced. If you have been training consistently, your body will "Immune" to current training intensity .


Keep in mind that the body is stronger because the body's adaptability to training changes. Only by regularly adjusting the plan can the body continue to improve. The adjustment plan is simple, such as increasing the number or number of groups, shortening the rest time, and changing the exercise sequence. .

3. Differentiation training


Although the body is a whole, practicing the whole body every time will probably lead to two results, one is that a single part is not trained in place, and the other is that the overall training intensity is too large, affecting the physical recovery and the next training.


For fitness friends who are new to fitness, whole body training can be considered for the training intensity of a single part. However, after getting on track, it is recommended to train in parts, one or two parts at a time, or upper and lower limbs.

4.Muscles need to rest


The growth of muscles and the change of body shape cannot be separated from the slight damage and recovery of muscles. This is also often referred to as excessive recovery. Training only gives the muscles a slight injury stimulus, but the real growth process is in the process of recovery.


48小时候再能锻炼。 In addition to each hard training, try to ensure adequate sleep and muscle rest after each exercise, and you can exercise in the same area for 48 hours.

5.Full training


The training level determines the physical level. If you need a strong physique, please train hard and make full use of your rest time. Don't take too long during the rest period. Try to exhaust your strength training moves.

用的健身动作, Finally, I will send a set of practical fitness exercises.

Don't miss the fitness friends!


+臀练习 Leg + Hip Exercise


Squat freehand

Lunge squat

Swordsman 4

Squat on one leg

Hip bridge

+人鱼线练习 Abs + Mermaid Line Exercise


Slab support

Lie on your back with your elbows

Lie on your back

Sit on your back

L-shaped stay

Pectoral muscle exercises


push ups

Arm flexion

Hurry up,

Turn it out when needed!

In the future, you can slowly appreciate your pectoralis major and mermaid line!


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