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The essential helper for post editing-encoder

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In recent years, with the increasing number of types of shooting / recording equipment, the quality of recorded encoding formats is getting better and better. Many friends have begun to use more high-quality, high-quality production, so some can record high-quality Quality coding has also begun to be widely used, and compatibility is the most fundamental issue in later non-linear editing.

For example, a friend of mine has relatively high requirements for shooting, and the later period can be considered to be a thing of the past, but after all, he is not engaged in post-techniques, so it is easy to be disadvantaged in the later period. When he was using EDIUS at first, he heard EDIUS can edit Avid DNxHD, so decisively bought an ATOMOS NINJA2, which is dedicated to recording DNxHD video, but when it was about to be edited, it was found that EDIUS could not be imported. Seeing this, many people may laugh ...

In fact, there are many such examples, so this time let's talk about the "helpers" you need when editing EDIUS-encoders.

Helper one

Avid codecs

帮助你解决EDIUS导入及输出Avid DNxHD和DNxHR等一系列Avid编码的问题。 Avid codecs- help you solve a series of Avid encoding problems such as EDIUS import and export Avid DNxHD and DNxHR. This also means that if you have Avid non-coding, you don't need to transcode anymore, and DNxHR is a code that can record 4K.


If you are using EDIUS version 8.22 or later, remember to enable Quicktime after installing Quicktime, otherwise you will not be able to use Quicktime to output these codes.


Helper two

Adobe DNG codec

由Adobe研发设计,类似于RAW,但却有异于RAW,DNG可以说和谐各个拍摄设备厂家的Log;也就是说,除了Log信息,其他和RAW没有本质区别,也不需要去还原灰度。 DNG is designed and developed by Adobe. It is similar to RAW, but different from RAW. DNG can be said to harmonize the logs of various shooting equipment manufacturers; that is, apart from the log information, there is no essential difference between RAW and RAW, and there is no need to restore grayscale. .

However, DNG exists in the form of a sequence, and each file is a frame, which can be associated with each RAW picture and string into a video. Friends who are pursuing material quality have already started to use this method to record video. (This encoding also tests the computer configuration).

Install Adobe DNG codec encoder on your computer, you can preview and import DNG files by EDIUS!

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Remember when importing DNG, be sure to import it as a sequence!

Helper three

Windows Imaging Component

Even if you haven't used the two encoders above, this encoder can't live without it. Before many people started to record video RAW, the picture RAW of SLR camera already existed, although the RAW files of different manufacturers are different. 只要装上了这个编码器,EDIUS就能导入图片的RAW了 But as long as this encoder is installed, EDIUS can import the RAW of the picture


Helper four

Grass Valley Codec

  People who use EDIUS must know that it is actually the encoder of Grass Valley HQ / HQX. What I want to say is that it can be applied to the Apple platform. This is nothing but a step closer to EDIUS and fCP.


Previously, the timeline was interchangeable. Now you can use the file directly, and the compatibility has become stronger!


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