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1 meter vegetable garden for the whole family to eat assured vegetables

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《一米菜园:和孩子打造家庭农场》 This article refers to "One Meter Vegetable Garden: Creating a Family Farm with Children"

)、读我 Source: My Flower and Grass Life (ID: qingshanlaonong ), read me

There is a consensus: In the age of earth and gold, having your own vegetable garden is really a luxury idea.

But ~~

)的园艺概念。 Grandpa Mel Bartholomew from the North American continent broke this common sense and created the concept of " Square Foot Gardening " . This American version of the "Green Mountain Old Farmer" is so amazing that it has made the old farmer's life scene: planting seedlings and weeding, watering and fertilizing ... from simple painting style and retro colors to a full-fledged international trend!

Well, humans are really a great group of creatures. Where there are problems, there are often solutions!

How to build your 1 meter vegetable garden?

Remember the "balcony vegetable garden" recommended by the old farmhouse? In contrast, "1 meter vegetable garden" is a more systematic and scientific concept (after all, Grandpa Mel has published books ~).

  • Step 1. 1 meter planting box

The depth of the planting box is 15 cm, and the length and width are 1-1.2 meters. The setting principle is that the owner of the 1-meter vegetable garden can reach each position of the planting box without stepping into the planting box.

Compared with a traditional vegetable garden of the same area, a one-meter vegetable garden has a larger output. Its harvest is five times that of a traditional vegetable garden of the same space.

  • Step 2. Mel mixed soil

Mayer has prepared a "Mer mixed soil" to make the soil soft, nutrient-rich, easy to care for, and to lock sufficient moisture to allow plants to thrive. 混合堆肥、泥煤苔(或椰壳纤维)、粗蛭石 组成,能用上差不多10年。 Mel mixed soil is composed of equal amounts of mixed compost, peat moss (or coconut shell fiber), and coarse vermiculite , which can be used for almost 10 years.

  • Step 3. Plan and plant

Deciding what to grow in a 1-meter vegetable garden will be the most interesting part of your gardening career!

Put a grid on the planting box, about 30 cm each. The grid makes the 1-meter vegetable garden cleaner and better organizes the plants. Plant a vegetable in each grid. Depending on plant size and growth habits, you can plant 1, 4, 9, or 16 plants in each grid.

Xiaobian takes you to see 26 kinds of vegetables recommended by Grandpa Mel ~

  • Step 4. Cultivate

The specially treated Mel super soil does not require weeding, and only watering can make the plants thrive! When the plants are thirsty, let them drink water at any time. Large plants drink more and small plants drink less. It is best to spray.

  • Step 5. Harvest

The harvest is definitely the happiest moment of the year! Vegetables and fruits are harvested according to the season, and care must be taken not to damage the plants.

Source of Battlefront

For children, holding fruits and vegetables that they planted by themselves is unlikely to be picky eaters anymore! Raising the 1-meter vegetable garden, grandparents can easily grow vegetables without leaning down ~

"1 meter vegetable garden", from the United States to the world

"1 meter vegetable garden" has been in existence for almost 40 years.

Many years ago, Grandpa Mel, a civil engineer, liked to play gardening on weekends when he was a young man. He found that traditional single-row cultivation was difficult to manage and wasted time and investment.After many experiments, he invented a 1-meter by 1-meter planting space, improved the soil, and successfully developed a set of horticultural methods-"Square Foot Gardening" .

The advantage of a 1 meter vegetable garden is that you can get 100% of the harvest with only 20% of the original planting space.

At the beginning, the "One Meter Vegetable Garden Horticulture Show" was broadcast on television for many years. It was the highest-rated gardening program in the United States to date. Grandpa Mel received letters of thanks from thousands of gardeners across the United States.

Mel also introduced the 1-meter vegetable garden to humanitarian agencies and leaders around the world through the 1-meter vegetable garden global training center, and promoted it to developing countries, benefiting millions of poor people who are malnourished.

This global promotion plan extends from Africa to Asia and South America, and is recognized as a "great success" by non-profit human public interest groups.

At present, Grandpa Mel's 1-meter vegetable garden has been adopted by more than 1 million gardeners worldwide.

To grow vegetables, start from the baby!

A 1-meter vegetable garden is not just about the use of horticultural space and the cultivation of healthy vegetables. It is also an ideal way to entertain and teach.

From 2010, Mel Bartholomew began to write a gardening book for children while teaching a 1-meter vegetable garden. Because children like to play with the land, they like to watch the plants they cultivate grow up and become edible vegetables. Their enthusiasm has given the 1-meter vegetable garden a richer vitality.

Through the 1-meter vegetable garden, parents, teachers, and children can experience the joy of planting and the beauty of life in a healthy environment that is close to nature, conducive to growth and learning.

1 meter vegetable garden, not only adults can benefit from it, children can also learn from it: science, ecology, botany, mathematics, even art, design, language, logic, as well as gardening knowledge, healthy eating habits, and even savings Water, care for the environment, self-sufficiency, etc ...

From planting to harvesting, it is a process of happiness for adults and children!

I have been completely moved! During the holidays, let your family and children experience it together, be a happy "farmer", and grow vegetables for the whole family ~

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