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17 Elegant Collections for Exquisite Women

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Midnight Horror

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1. Find ways to make money, not how to save money.

2. No more yelling and keep calm.

3. I like to buy things by myself.

4. Talk less and do more, stand still and exercise properly.

5. Don't think that finding a rich man has everything. 多得就像货柜上的可乐, 喝不喝都无所谓。 There are as many young girls in the world as there are colas in containers. It doesn't matter if you drink or not.

要么辞职不干,要么就闭嘴不言。 6. If you don't like your current job, either resign or leave it alone.

7. When you see through, give up.

8. You can disagree, but learn to respect.

9. When you can't make a decision, let time decide for you. If you still can't decide, say it again. Rather make mistakes without leaving regrets!

10. Be an educated woman.

11. Be beautiful and have temperament.

对别人要宽容,能帮就帮, 千万不要把人逼绝了,给人留条后路, 懂得从内心欣赏别人,虽然这很多时候很难。 12. Without violating the principles, be tolerant of others and help as long as you can. Don't force people out. Leave a trail for others and know how to appreciate others from the heart.

谁也不跟谁一辈子,有些事情没必要记在心上。 13. Don't be a hedgehog. If you can't avenge people, you can't avenge others. You don't have to be with anyone forever.

自己一定要保持一定的赚钱的能力。 14. Money is important, but you cannot rely on men or parents. You must maintain a certain ability to make money.

因为当你选择离开时, 就会发现即使没有你,太阳照常升起。 15. Don't overestimate your power in the collective, because when you choose to leave, you will find that the sun rises as usual even without you.

16. Let the past happen, let it go.

17. Don't lose a smile even if you lose everything.

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Woman help


There is a kind of woman who can always give people the feeling of being like a spring breeze. 人帮,让你做一个内外兼修的女人! Join the women's gang and let you be a woman who is both inside and outside!

Practical little encyclopedia


To love life, we must understand the tricks of life. From clothing, food, accommodation, shopping, and fun, let the practical little wiki about the best life accompany you every day ~

Learn to cook with me


No one can stop a heart eating! 美味~教你做出一手好菜,变身厨房达人! Fall in love with food and enjoy the delicious ~ Teach you to make good dishes and become a kitchen master! Sharing with family is more delicious ~



A woman's wardrobe will always have one less piece of clothing, but here you can easily find it! A woman's life is good, you can tell from the clothes she wears ~

Tide music


听。 I have music and stories. Would you like to stop and listen ? With a good music, you have a good mood! We meet every day.

Together pose


The hottest knowledge platform dedicated to sharing those things you want to know but don't know! Sao Nian, let's go up together!

Teach you to be thin


一起做个让人羡慕的女子! Teach you to easily create the perfect temperament figure, let us be an enviable woman together! 美人带你一起瘦瘦瘦! Thin beauty takes you thin and thin together! Beautiful beauty!



The most mind-blowing bisexual psychological cartoon, the funniest filthy bitch ~ makes you blush and beat every minute, be sure to come and see!

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