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[Position] The rear view mirror and window of the rainy day can't see clearly a trick to teach you to solve it easily

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The most important thing for us to drive is safety, especially when driving on a rainy day, because the road is slippery, it needs more attention. In addition to the problem of slippery roads, driving in rainy weather will also cause the rear view mirror to be wet and blurred by rain. This will affect the driver's sight, which is also a huge hidden danger for driving safety!

Many drivers have encountered such a problem, they will prepare a towel on the car, if there is fog on the rearview mirror, you can use a towel to wipe. However, after a while, the rearview mirror was blurred again, which was very troublesome and distracted the driver, which easily caused danger. So, is there any better solution?

First of all, we can simply clean up the dust and impurities on the car window or the rear-view mirror. Use the prepared soap to spread the car window evenly and let the soap air dry before cleaning.

Surgical drama

Use a newspaper or better quality paper towel to wipe the soap on the window, and you will find it very easy to wipe clean. Some people ask why not wipe directly, but wait until the soap is dry? If you try, you will understand that it will be very difficult to wipe the soap without drying it!

After wiping the soap on the window, even if there is a small amount of residue, it does not matter, it will not affect the use effect!

When the processing method of the sight glass and the car window is the same, then you will find that even if the rainwater flows down from the glass, there will not be any residue, the effect is very good!

Why does soap have such an effect? In fact, soap contains a hydrophilic substance that can destroy the tension on the surface of rainwater. Even if rainwater flows through it, there will be no residue!

However, this method also has some shortcomings. The effect may last only 3-4 hours. If it is not a long drive, this method is still useful!

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