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Lolita Tea Party ends

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Article source: Tian Meiyi

Recently, the "Fruit Season of Pomegranate" Lolita Tea Party was grandly held in Guangzhou, opening a magnificent unique adventure.

、B站签约主播语梨还有Lolita人气博主陆离及一众媒体朋友来到现场,与200位盛装出席的Lolita爱好者互动,共同见证 10 款鞋履发布。 In the “Popular Fruit Season”, the Lolita Tea Party specially invited Lolita Fashion's well-known model, Misako Aoki, the Internet popularity UP soft soft ice , B station signing anchor Pear, and Lolita's popular blogger Lu Li and a number of media friends came to the scene with 200 The Lolita enthusiasts who were all dressed up interacted and witnessed the release of 10 shoes together . The design is luxurious and gorgeous, and the atmosphere like a dream is intoxicating.

In addition to the eye-catching Tianmeiyi Teenmix shoes release and gorgeous catwalk, guest Aoki Misako sang for the first time at a Guangzhou event, dancing with fans, and was really surprised.

欧洲宫廷舞会 Beautiful Rococo carvings, romantic and colorful crystal chandeliers, exquisite French classical flower stands ... The scene is easy and pleasant. Lolita lovers enjoy refreshments in a gorgeous and dreamy environment, making people feel like being at a European court ball .

This gorgeous adventure will show 10 Tianmeiyi Lolita shoes to the guests in turn, and Tmall live broadcast more than 3 million users to watch online.

200 lolita enthusiasts dressed up at Tianmeiyi Lolita Series Shoes Launch Conference

Aoki Misako poses with the best-dressed Lo Niang at the scene

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