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Sad, walk quietly; sad, sleep quietly

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Sad, walk quietly;

Sad, sleep quietly.

哪能事事如意,样样顺心, 痛苦也不是人生的全部, 伤过,哭过, 日子还是得过, 难的就是忍受。 Life, all things, how can everything go well, everything goes well, and pain is not the whole of life, hurt, cry, life is still there, the hard part is to endure.

Hurt, grit your teeth,

撑起腰杆。 After the pain, learn to smile slightly and prop up the waist. Life needs it. 明天还得继续奋斗! Naturally and frankly, we must continue to struggle tomorrow!

Elegance is not trained,

It is a kind of experience. 而是一种沉淀。 Indifferent is not disguised, but a precipitation.

in some sense,

老去的只是容颜, 时间会一颗灵魂, 变得越来越动人。 People will never grow old, only old looks, time will become a soul and become more and more moving.


If one day I lose everything,

Change nothing. Who will stand by me

And said to me: all right, do you still have me? Is it buddy, friend, or lover?

Seeing happy people on their faces,

真正生气的时候, 不是哭也不是闹, 而是一个人静静的待着不说话。 Who can feel the pain in the heart? When you are really angry, you don't cry or make trouble, but you just keep quiet and don't talk.

难过了就一个人不停地走。 I wo n’t ask, I wo n’t mention it, I ’ll keep walking when I am sad. 心痛了用沉默代替。 I wo n’t be noisy, I wo n’t be troubled, I use silent instead of heartache. 结果在别人眼里自己什么都不是。 Sometimes people take others too seriously and end up with nothing in the eyes of others.

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