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The gospel of the Apple Orchard:-The "Guo You Bao" of the innovative generation is here (with online sales list and spring garden clearing plan)

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Apple rot is a common branch disease in apple orchards, which can cause dead trees to destroy the garden in severe cases. The high-efficiency eradication agent Guo Kangbao clears the garden and smears the spot treatment in production, which can achieve excellent control effects. Apple wheel rot disease and apple spotted leaf disease are two main diseases that endanger apples. At present, the prevention and treatment of these two diseases mainly uses the method of alternate use of organic synthetic fungicides and Bordeaux solution. However, spraying Bordeaux solution at the late stage of fruit expansion will seriously contaminate the fruit surface, tarnish the fruit surface, and cause drug spots, reducing the value of the product. The fruit bagging method is used to solve this problem. After fruit bagging, although the fruit surface is bright, it lacks luster. If the quality of the fruit bag is not good, the black spot disease of the fruit will occur, resulting in a decrease in fruit quality. Therefore, not only to ensure that the fruit is not infected by germs, but also to keep the fruit surface bright and clean, has become a difficult problem in the production of high-quality fruits. The emergence of Guoyoubao has brought hope to solving this problem. Guoyoubao is an updated product of Shanxi Guokangbao Pesticide Co., Ltd. (former Shanxi Taiyuan Dazheng Seed Company, Shanxi Jinnuoguo Kangbao Pesticide Co., Ltd.). Nutrition and film-forming fruit tree protective film agent has good disease prevention effects on apple rot, rotting rot and spotted leaf disease, and can significantly improve fruit quality.

Guoyoubao's new formula is versatile and different

3% 果康宝(甲基硫菌灵)糊剂,以与众不向的专利技术,在我国苹果树主产区防治果树腐烂病效果突出。 1. Guoyoubao is an upgraded product of Guobaobao. As a recognized leader in the industry, the previous 3% Guobaobao (methanthiocarb) paste, based on unconventional patented technology, has been used in apples in China. The main tree-producing areas have outstanding effects in preventing and controlling fruit rot. In 2010 , experts from relevant positions in the national apple industry system tested similar anti-rot drugs on the market, and Guokangbao ranked first in preventing and sterilizing fruit rot.

8% 果优宝专利配方技术,是唯一获得国家防治果树腐烂病专利的高科技产品,成膜良好,剂型独特。 2. 8% Guoyoubao's patented formula technology is the only high-tech product that has obtained the national patent for preventing and curing fruit rot, with good film formation and unique dosage form. Guoyoubao contains a sufficient amount of mineral-derived bioactive agents, which can meet the nutrients needed for the growth of new skin at rot spots, and the new skin grows fast.

Guoyoubao preparations use imported auxiliaries, which have strong penetrability and fast dispersion. The drug can penetrate the diseased skin, reach the lesion directly, and kill the pathogen.

8% 果优宝原料为新加坡利农公司原装进口的甲基硫菌灵(商品名丽致 AMIPSIN-M ),它是新加坡利农公司采用高科技技术生产的高效广谱内吸性杀菌剂,超细粒度( 9.483 微米,植物气孔通常在 10-20 微米),具有较强的内吸性,可被作物的根、茎、叶吸收并运输到作物的各个部位。 3. 8% Guoyoubao's raw material is methylthiocarbam (trade name Lizhi AMIPSIN-M ) originally imported from Singapore Li Nong Company . It is a high-efficiency broad-spectrum systemic bactericidal product produced by Singapore Li Nong Company using high-tech technology. Agent, ultra-fine particle size ( 9,483 microns, plant stomata is usually 10-20 microns), has strong systemic properties, can be absorbed by the roots, stems and leaves of the crop and transported to various parts of the crop. In application, it has a dual role of prevention and treatment, and is widely used at home and abroad to control crop fungal diseases.

Fourth, Guoyoubao can form a layer of bactericidal medicine film by spraying on the trunk of the fruit. It is firmly combined with the bark for slow-release sterilization, not afraid of rain erosion, and the effective ingredients are not lost. The shelf life on the trunk is up to More than six months.

5. In addition to the active ingredients, Guoyoubao is also equipped with a sufficient amount of mineral-source active antibacterial ingredients, which can play a role in eradicating rot pathogens.

Six, Guoyoubao combines a plant cell division element and the nutrient elements required by the fruit tree. After applying the scar, it can promote the growth of new skin, and the scar heals quickly.

7. The combination of Guoyoubao's medicine and membrane is a great innovation in domestic pesticide preparations. It not only can kill bacteria, but also can prevent the infection of trees by pathogens. Therefore, no new branch diseases such as rot, ring rot, and dry rot will occur within one year after spraying.

Eight, Guoyoubao specially added potassium, calcium and other nutrients to achieve a dual combination of therapeutic nutrition.


1. Shake the liquid well before use;

2. It is strictly forbidden to paint on the fresh ring peeling of the tree body;

3 , can not be mixed with copper preparations and alkaline pesticides;

1500-4000 倍液优化水质,再稀释使用果优宝效果更好; 4. Cooperate with the original imported agricultural water quality optimizer-Rou Shui Tong 1500-4000 times liquid to optimize water quality, and then dilute and use Guoyoubao for better results

5. As the general agent of the whole country, we suggest to buy from the local "Western Fruit Friends Union" store to ensure the authenticity.

电话 029-89298328 Guoyoubao National General Agent: Western Fruit Friends Union Telephone 029-89298328

List of sales and technical service networks of Western Fruit Friends Alliance Guoyoubao

—— 胡可夫 Qingyang, Gansu - Hu Kefu

Ningxian Yongfeng Melon and Farmer Specialized Cooperative

13993493488 Mobile: 13993493488

Address: Gonglu Street, Ning County, Qingyang City, Gansu Province

—— 孙启云 Yao County, Shaanxi - Sun Qiyun

Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Service Center of Yaozhou District, Tongchuan City

13992946215 Mobile: 13992946215

Address: Xiaoqiu Town, Yaozhou District, Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province

—— 景永学 Jingning, Gansu —— Jing Yongxue

Gerui Apple Professional Cooperative in Jingning County, Pingliang City, Gansu Province

13689466983 Mobile: 13689466983

37 Address: No. 37 , Beihuan Road , Chengguan Town, Jingning County, Pingliang City, Gansu Province

—— Xianyang, Shaanxi - Zhang Xin

Zhangxin Agricultural Resources Supermarket, Xunyi County, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province

18992087980 Mobile: 18992087980

Address: Zhengjia Town, Xunyi County, Xianyang City

—— 韩民洲 Weinan, Shaanxi - Han Minzhou

Shaanxi Weinan Longevity Loquat Fruit Planting Farmers Professional Cooperative

13992362210 Mobile: 13992362210

Address: Sanlian Village, Fengwei Town, Linwei District, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province

—— 唐春辉 Baoji, Shaanxi - Tang Chunhui

Baoji City, Shaanxi Province Xianlier Agricultural Production Materials Co., Ltd.

13060477968 Mobile: 13060477968

6 号(肉联厂院内) Address: No. 6 Baoshi Road, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province

—— 杨高潮 Liquan, Shaanxi - Yang Gaochao

Shaanxi Liquan Sannong Agrochemical Co., Ltd.

13909107202 Mobile: 13909107202

Address: Middle Section of Xihuan Road, Liquan County, Shaanxi Province

—— 齐军武 Shaanxi Fuping - Qi Junwu

Qixiang Agricultural Materials Distribution Department, Wangjiawan Village, Meijiaping Town, Fuping County

15091272561 Mobile: 15091272561

Address: Fuping, Shaanxi Province

—— 邵建平 Qin'an, Gansu - Shao Jianping

Qin'an Guoyou Agricultural Resources Service Center

13909381258 Mobile: 13909381258

Address: Qin'an County, Tianshui City, Gansu Province

—— Luochuan, Shaanxi - Liu Bo

Shangbo Agrochemical Service Center in Yangshu Township, Luochuan County

13488258406 Mobile: 13488258406

Address: Luochuan County, Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province

—— Cheng County, Shaanxi - Zhang Juan

Chengcheng County Agricultural Technology Association

13379344868 Mobile: 13379344868

Address: Chengcheng County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province

—— 张年荣 Yichuan , Shaanxi - Zhang Nianrong


Yichuan County Huiyang Fruit Industry Professional Cooperative

13772253926 Mobile: 13772253926

Address: Dangwan Street, Yichuan County, Shaanxi Province

—— 李延东 Fuxian County, Shaanxi - Li Yandong

Fuxian Yifeng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

18691123232/18220155332 Mobile: 18691123232/18220155332

Address: Beside Gate 2 of Beijiaochang Community, Fuxian County, Shaanxi Province

—— 孙英宏 Heyang, Shaanxi —— Sun Yinghong

Heyang County Senguo Agricultural Service Center

13991632355 Mobile: 13991632355

Address: Middle Section of Beihuan Road, Heyang County, Weinan City, Shaanxi

—— 裴宏州 Tianshui, Gansu - Pei Hongzhou

Gansu Province Tianguoyou Fruit Industry Farmers Professional Cooperative

18993821545 Mobile: 18993821545

Address: Intersection of Wu Company, Ma Paoquan Town, Maiji District, Tianshui City, Gansu Province

—— 张晓成 Shaanxi Extension - Zhang Xiaocheng

Yanchang County Farmers Fruit Cooperative Association

18909118153 Mobile: 18909118153

Address: Zhujiawan Bridge Head, East of Yanchang County, Shaanxi Province

—— 罗玲莉 Shaanxi Baishui - Luo Lingli

Weinan Jinqiu Modern Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd.

18992350004 Mobile: 18992350004

173 Address: No. 173 , Lotian Street, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province

—— 岳新平 Yuncheng, Shanxi - Yue Xinping

Xiwangnian Agricultural Materials Sales Co., Ltd.

13834392658 Mobile: 13834392658

Address: South Street, Linjin Town, Lintong County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province

Yangling, Shaanxi-Li Dianbo  

Mobile: 15332316076

Shaanxi Zhierhui Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Shipyard of Shuiyun East Road, Yangling Demonstration Zone

Qian County, Shaanxi-Li Dianbo

Shaanxi Zhierhui Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

Mobile: 15332316076

Address: Shipyard of Shuiyun East Road, Yangling Demonstration Zone

Yan'an, Shaanxi-Pei Huajie

Production Materials Company, Baota District, Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province

Mobile: 18591696781

Address: Dadongmen Cross, Baota District, Yanan City, Shaanxi Province

Spring orchard spraying and clearing plan:

4000 + 果优宝 300-400 倍(或金力士 5000-6000 倍) + 安民乐 1500 倍。 Soft water pass 4000 times + Guoyoubao 300-400 times (or Jinlishi 5000-6000 times) + Anmin music 1500 times.

8% 果优宝是 3% 果康宝的更新换代产品,金力士是原装进口高活性广谱杀菌剂 25% 丙环唑乳油,安民乐是原装进口广谱高效杀虫剂 40% 毒死蜱乳油。 Among the pesticides selected for the scheme, Rou Shui Tong is an imported agricultural water quality optimizer, 8% Guoyoubao is a replacement product of 3% Guokangbao, and Jinlix is an imported high activity broad-spectrum fungicide 25% propiconazole EC. Anminle is a 40% chlorpyrifos EC that is an imported broad-spectrum highly effective pesticide .

This spray solution is suitable for

(高效铲除腐烂病,枝干轮纹病,白粉病,锈病,炭疽病,褐斑病、斑点落叶病和各种介壳虫、金龟子蚜虫、卷叶蛾等), Apples (Efficient eradication of rot, rot, leaf powder, powdery mildew, rust, anthracnose, brown spot, spotted leaf disease, and various scale insects, chafer aphids, leaf roller moths, etc.),

(高效铲除白腐病,黑痘病,炭疽病、褐斑病和各种介壳虫、绿盲蝽、金龟子等,白腐病严重的葡萄园还可用赚实代替之), Grape (Efficient eradication of white rot, black pox, anthracnose, brown spot, and various scale insects, green bugs, scarabs, etc., vineyards with severe white rot can also be replaced by earning fruit),

(高效铲除腐烂病,黑星病,轮纹烂果病、黑斑病和各种介壳虫、梨木虱、卷叶蛾等), Pears (Efficiently eradicating rot, black spot, rotting rot, black spot, and various scale insects, pear psyllids, leaf curl moths, etc.),

(高效铲除溃疡病,枝枯病、褐斑病和各种介壳虫、金龟子、绿盲蝽等), Kiwi (Efficient eradication of ulcer disease, branch blight, brown spot disease and various scale insects, chafers, green bugs, etc.),

(高效铲除干腐病,缩果病,锈病、炭疽病和各种介壳虫、绿盲蝽等), Dongzao (Efficiently eradicating dry rot, fruit shrinkage, rust, anthracnose, and various scale insects, green blind maggots, etc.),

(高效铲除流胶病,灰霉病、褐斑病和各种介壳虫、绿盲蝽、卷叶蛾等), Large cherries (Efficiently eradicating runny gum disease, gray mold, brown spot, and various scale insects, green bugs, leaf curlers, etc.),

(高效铲除褐腐病,流胶病,疮痂病、炭疽病和各种介壳虫、蚜虫、卷叶蛾等)等果树上的清园。 Clear garden on peach trees (efficiently eradicating brown rot, runny gum disease, scab, anthracnose, and various scale insects, aphids, leaf roller moths, etc.).


25% 戊菌唑乳油,登记防治对象是葡萄白腐病,使用倍数为 3000-4000 倍。 1. Earning is imported 25% penconazole emulsifiable concentrate with high efficiency and broad-spectrum and low-toxicity fungus. The registered object is grape white rot .

2. The dosage forms of Jinlix, Anminle and Yingshi are all emulsifiable concentrates, but their additives are not benzene, toluene or xylene, but highly active coconut oil, which is not only environmentally friendly and pollution-free, but also suitable for the crops used Safety.

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