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Coming for an advanced life concept | Buick VELITE 5 will be available on April 18

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Today, the SAIC-GM-Buick brand announced that the Buick VELITE 5 range-extending hybrid will be announced on April 18 and go on sale. Adhering to the Buick brand's sustainable, intelligent and humanized development concept for new energy vehicles of the future, equipped with the latest eMotion intelligent drive, eConnect intelligent interconnection and eProtect intelligent safety technology, Buick VELITE 5 breaks the traditional definition of "electric vehicle life" in one fell swoop, not only with "Zero fuel consumption, zero emissions" ultra-long pure battery life and "no charge anxiety" innovative range-strength technology to achieve urban green travel + barrier-free intercity traffic, more forward-thinking smart car linkage system and complete new energy The car safety protection system creates a full-scenario, all-weather green smart electric travel experience, and interprets the future-oriented advanced life concept.

Based on GM ’s world-leading EREV extended-range electric drive technology, Buick VELITE 5 breakthroughly achieved the “urban ultra-long pure electric” + “intercity extended-range hybrid” driving mode: arranged in the EVT electronically controlled intelligent stepless transmission There are two sets of high-performance AC permanent magnet synchronous motors in combination with a new generation of liquid-cooled, high-performance lithium-ion battery packs with a capacity of 18kWh, which provide 116 kilometers of pure battery life and fully meet the daily use of "zero fuel consumption and zero emissions". Car demand. At the same time, thanks to the highly integrated dual-drive motor, dual-row planetary gear set, and TPIM electronic control module in the gearbox, the high-efficiency cooperation with the 1.5L direct-injection engine specially developed for hybrid power enables VELITE 5 to achieve up to 768 kilometers The comprehensive mileage of the vehicle completely eliminates mileage anxiety and charging anxiety, allows new energy vehicles to truly move from urban traffic to intercity traffic, and helps electric vehicle life to be sublimated.

Advanced EREV extended-range electric drive technology enables Buick VELITE 5 to have the characteristics of multiple new energy vehicles at the same time. It has the characteristics of a HEV full hybrid vehicle that retains the original driving habits of users while achieving efficient driving, and also has the energy of PHEV models. The flexible and diversified sources can bring users a strong and quiet driving experience with zero fuel consumption and zero emissions of EV pure electric vehicles, which can be called "the master of new energy electric technology".

The Buick VELITE 5 is equipped with the latest eConnect intelligent interconnection technology, which can bring users a connected and intelligent car experience. All models use 8-inch full LCD instrument panel and 8-inch central control high-definition touch screen. While highlighting the avant-garde technology sense of new energy vehicles, it can provide diversified display solutions according to customer needs. The latest generation of OnStar in-vehicle information service system and CarPlay smartphone mapping function, as well as in-vehicle 4G LTE network connection services, make VELITE 5 a powerful vehicle networking service capability, greatly improving the convenience and safety of driving. It is worth mentioning that the OnStar mobile APP provides VELITE 5 users with exclusive functional modules for new energy vehicles, including remote monitoring of battery power, smart charging modes that can be set in synchronization with the car's end, and online search for public charging piles. Convenient and practical.

In terms of eProtect intelligent safety technology, Buick VELITE 5 conducts product development with the highest global safety test standards in the world, and strictly builds a protection system that meets the safety standards of new energy vehicles. VELITE 5 is equipped with a number of intelligent safety equipment including ACC adaptive cruise, LKA lane keeping, APA automatic parking system, HBA intelligent automatic near and far light control, and other functions, and the entire series is equipped with 10 airbags as standard to provide users Thoughtful and secure travel guarantee.

In addition, Buick VELITE 5 is equipped with a comprehensive safety system for the unique electric drive system of new energy vehicles. The high-voltage interlocking safety protection system ensures that when the vehicle has an emergency situation such as a fierce collision, it can timely close the relay and stop the battery discharge to ensure Passenger safety. VELITE 5's high-performance ternary lithium battery pack adopts GM ’s world-leading cell-level thermal management technology, and achieves independent and uniform temperature control of each battery cell in a layer-type liquid-cooled manner to ensure the life of the power battery. No degradation in performance within the interval. GM's power batteries have accumulated nearly 2 billion kilometers of driving mileage around the world. No one has returned to the factory for maintenance due to the attenuation of battery energy. Its quality and reliability can provide users with peace of mind.

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Since the launch of the "Buick Blue" new energy strategy in April 2016, the Buick brand has accelerated the implementation of new energy products, and has launched a new generation of Lacrosse 30H full hybrid and VELITE new energy concept cars. With the advent of the VELITE 5 range-extending hybrid vehicle, Buick not only demonstrated its strong technology accumulation in the new energy field, but also further consolidated its image as a pioneer of new energy in the mainstream joint venture brand to surpass the traditional EVness electrified driving experience, Intelligent online connected car life and worry-free user experience fully meet the needs of advanced lifestyle leaders for high-quality and high-grade green intelligent travel.

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