皇冠hg126.com [Zhongtian share] A variety of home plant scenery, let spring come to your home first

[Zhongtian share] A variety of home plant scenery, let spring come to your home first

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Sword Shadow Lore

For urban people in reinforced concrete,

How happy it is to have a garden!

Maybe the garden in the picture above is for most parents

Difficult to achieve for the time being

But there must be a little green in life

Even if the room is small

If you have the heart, you can do it.

Creative you can start from the window

Area is not large enough, choose vertical space upward

Use the clapboard layer by layer

Or hanging up, it ’s all green

With a few ropes and a wrought iron frame

You can grow your favorite flower

Plant your favorite plant

Moving greenery to the balcony is even more exciting

Whether it's a shelf or DIY yourself

Around it is a balcony garden

Be a fancy girl

Keep this green in my home forever

Not only become a landscape, but also purify the environment

Color renju game download

Not just a balcony, even every corner

Do n’t waste any green space

Good design and good decoration

20 years of doing only one thing


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