www.hg872.com With a handful of sand and a pair of hands, the painter without a pen outlines a wonderful world.

With a handful of sand and a pair of hands, the painter without a pen outlines a wonderful world.

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Deadly game

Sand painting

Is an old and traditional form of artistic expression

It can be traced back to the earliest time when human language appeared

Born for communication and memorabilia

A special picture symbol

During the Song Dynasty in China

There are "changes in sand books" and "changes in sand books"


And in the southwestern Pacific


Republic of Vanuatu

To this day

This ritual, meditation and communication

Multi-functional art heritage

Sand painting art

Rise in the 21st century

Thanks to the famous master of sand painting in Hungary

Ferenc Cako

He painted traditional sand painting areas

Transfer from sandy beach to sand painting box

To break through the traditional sand painting

Venue and viewing limitations

Combine background music, projection, etc.

Modern technology

Perfect for traditional sand painting

Combining with modern stage art

When this dazzling art form emerges

With its magical and creative presentation

Shocking the world

Rapid spread around the world

Bring people unprecedented

Mobile chess chess

Comprehensive visual and auditory experience

With the introduction of the art of sand painting

Many professional sand artists began to emerge

At the same time, this magical art

It also deeply attracts sand painting lovers around the world

They started to explore and learn

Created a new chapter in artistic life

Sand painting is an artistic expression

Gao Chuangyi is her sharp sword

Her novelty and charm are all amazing

Appreciation of Sand Painting "Flowering Love"

Some people say that sand painting is like weather

Coming with the wind, fleeting

Some people say that sand painting is like flowing clouds

Inadvertently create miracles

Sand paintings cannot be retained

Only images can be remembered

This is exactly where sand painting is sorry

But that's what it is

Only makes sand paintings precious.

Tomorrow, partner time will take you to appreciate

Sand painting story

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