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Turning is the wisdom of life

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Paladin Doctor

There are many twists and turns in life and earth, never straight. Water can reach the sea simply because it cleverly avoids all obstacles and keeps turning.


Many smart people failed to embark on the road to success, many because they hit the south wall and did not look back.


You will inevitably encounter difficulties in your life. It is not a good idea to take a turn and go around.


If the mountain does not turn, the road turns; if the road does not turn, people turn. Adversity can also be an opportunity as long as the mind turns. As long as you make a turn in your heart, the road will go with your heart to surpass yourself and open up a new world.


The popular movie star Christopher Levy accidentally fell during an equestrian event and became a high paraplegic. He was desperate for a time, and he wanted to end his life. But in the face of setbacks, he eventually chose to turn and use a wheelchair instead. As a director, his film also won the Golden Globe Award. He also insisted on biting his pen with his teeth and wrote the first book of his life, "I'm Still Me."


Go to the water poor road to cross yourself, sit and watch the clouds rise. There is a road by the road, there is a heart in the heart, by the vision and the heart.


Destiny is only in my hands, and turning is a way forward. Some people say that people are two things on the way: forward and turn.


It takes courage to move forward and wisdom to turn. When the road is nowhere, choose to turn. When you are upset, choose to look down; when you are far away, choose to be casual.


Life is like a journey.


Einstein once said: "The highest ability of man is the ability to adapt to objective conditions." Darwin put it more thoroughly: "the survival of the fittest." What they call "fitness" is, in popular words, "turning."


Only after passing some roads can I know the hardship; when I climb some mountains, I know the hardship; when I cross some rivers, I know the trek; when I cross some ridges, I know that I have surpassed.


As long as you are willing to walk, the end of the road is still the road.

Clear and blue in silence


It can be seen that turning in the dictionary of life has a variety of situations such as willingness, willingness, and good or bad turning, which has resulted in a vastly different life and a colorful world.

The road of life is rugged and flat, there are always many ridges to cross; the taste of life is bitter and sweet, and there are always many salty to taste.


There is always a place to turn when the journey is going on. In the face of pain, there is no need to avoid;


Make a blooming flower, do n’t need to cover it when it ’s in full bloom, face the desolation when it ’s dying, and use a simple happy heart to welcome life.


Unsightly, it is easy to take a detour; In fact, the detour is almost a dead end.


In this world, there are countless detours and only one dead end. The difference is that the detour is to walk the main road, the desolate road is to reverse the main road, the detour is to return to the mountains and rivers, and the desolate road is a journey without return. Why not choose a turn when the road is not accessible?


Zhou Youguang, an outstanding linguist, is 105 years old this year. Once, when CCTV Cui Yongyuan asked about his secret of longevity, Zhou Lao said, "If you want to think about everything, look forward." The host jokingly said, "What if I still can't think about it?" Bend, don't you want to drive! "


Zhou Lao believes that "turn a corner, bad things are good things". He also reminded people: "The person who commits suicide is that he walks to a place where he cannot turn, so he has to die." The advantage of detours to life is that you can see where the right path is; the disadvantages to life are You need to lose something else in life to make up for it.


Be good at uniting the people around you. Converge when you should converge, and forbear when you should be patient. Life will not be detrimental to those who have generosity. Treat others with kindness. Let good thoughts accompany one's life. The path is narrow and one step remains with others.


To fulfill others is to fulfill oneself, to be less angry and more motivated. For the long journey of life, it is more important to see clearly than to go fast, because to go right can go far.

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