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Art Workshop | 4.9 Basic Lessons

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Zhan Xuanxiao

Here comes the second wave of this weekend!

Basic Lessons | Rubber Printmaking

April 9

Sunday | 10: 00-12: 30; 14: 30-17: 00


Use of ready-made products such as leaves and hemp

Or according to the drawings we provide

Learn how to make letterpress

Create and print your own prints

- we provide-

10x15cm linen board

Necessary tools such as ink, pen, paper

wifi, afternoon tea, coffee, cookies, etc.


Students printed their own ramie prints and printed 2 paper works


259 yuan / single

489 yuan / double


Room 2611, 8 Liyuanli, Chaoyang District, Beijing

( Northwest Exit of Sihui Station of Metro Line 1 , Dongheng Times Phase I )

Please make an appointment in advance

Two-dimensional code long-press recognition, micro-shop purchase link

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Color the leaves and print them on the rubber sheet.

yse360 Television

The plates are made according to the leaves of the meridians.

Print your own work with the specific colors of the studio today!

Student works of rubber printmaking course

基本 Basic Arrangement of Art Workshop👇

* Please pay attention to our public account for specific course arrangements. We will update and push at any time.

LUNGO PO / Po River

Formed in 2015, Beijing. The current members are Guo Liang, Wang Xueyi, Li Geyin, and Zhang Ye. The four members all have Italian and Canadian backgrounds in studying abroad. They work as artists and at the same time have been engaged in art courses and related work.

The main purpose of operating an open studio as an art group is to support our own creations, and at the same time, to all friends who love art and love life, we hope to use our equipment and the professional knowledge of painting and printmaking acquired in years What's more important is to help everyone find an artistic language that expresses their personal lives through communication on creative ideas.


欢迎来访我们的工作室。 For specific information on art courses, please visit our studio.

李老师,18310297514 Telephone or WeChat consultation: Mr. Li, 18310297514

Artistic team consisting of Guo Liang, Wang Xueyi, Li Geyin, and Zhang Ye

Focus on art, culture, communication, creation

The content here is about our work, interests, and other things.

)2611室 Studio Address: Room 2611, 8 Liyuanli ( Building 3, Phase 1 , Dongheng Times ), Chaoyang District, Beijing

Welcome to visit, exchange and cooperation, please leave a message in advance to make an appointment

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