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Angelababy is 159? Star fan's height

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Mysterious Country

In addition to paying attention to the emotional lives of the stars

The height of the goddesses

Most Wanted to Solve

For example, the official announcement of Huang Xiaoming's height is 180cm

But this photo with Huang Haibo (172cm)

But betrayed him deeply

Huang Xiaoming's height should be between 170cm-172cm

Angelababy's official height is 168cm

But from her various photos with Huang Xiaoming

The height gap should be around 10cm

In other words, the real height of the baby should be about 160cm

In fact, the early Huayi promotional video was picked up.

The height of the baby exposed is 159cm

The official height of the goddess Gao Yuanyuan is 165cm

Watch her wearing high heels on the show

Is about the same height as Wang Han

At least 10cm worse than Huang Haibo of 172cm

Gao Yuanyuan's real height is 160cm

Nicholas Tse is not officially 175cm

Standing with 169cm Han Xue

Style of painting

Once claimed to be 168cm

Zhang Tianai with long legs


Not as high as everyone thinks

Just compare it with baby

Zhang Yuqi in the impression

Every time I appear in the photo, I see 170 + cm

It's really not much different from Lin Yun

1 63cm Height is about 1 63cm

of course

And some stars ’true heights

Higher than we see

Zhang Lanxin, who has always claimed to be 175cm, actually has 177cm

Dimahi known as "imported brother"

It always feels like a child who hasn't grown up

He is as thin as 190cm

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