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❤ Why are the photos of yoga girls beautiful even without P?

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Yoga people's photos without P

The appearance in the mirror, the shadow of the moon, the curtain shape, wake up at bedtime. It is a gorgeous rhetoric describing the beautiful woman in the text.

Taking pictures is no stranger to today's people. Looking for angle, microdermabrasion, thin face, PS, what is the most true of you?

Why do the photos of yoga girls look good without P?

You only see beauty, you don't see effort.

When looking at the asanas used to foreign internet celebrities, I saw that my friends around me also produced such amazing photos. Really amazing baby ~

Although the surface is just a pose photo, you never know how much this girl loves sports! Needless to say, the fixed practice of yoga, you think the boring long-distance running is just her daily routine.

You have always been determined to want to learn but swimming without the excuse of time is an exercise she will perform every month.

When you watched the drama at home on weekends, she was hiking and cycling to feel the nature ...

It has never been a casual success, nor has the beauty of natural beauty and hard work. You can only see the face value of the photo, but behind it is the girl who constantly breaks through her tenacity and persistence.

The figure sculpted by sweat does not deceive anyone.

After each yoga class, every girl is feeling the change of body and the flow of sweat.

In the hottest summer months, other girls were licking popsicles in the air-conditioned room, but we saw girls practicing yoga adjusting their breathing again and again to cope with sweat ...


In fact, every girl who appears in a yoga class has wondered whether to come to practice yoga.

They also wanted to rest at home and eat and drink, but the girls who practiced yoga eventually resisted the inertia emerging from their minds and chose to change themselves from the moment.

Yoga's good temperament can't be achieved by beautiful pictures.

Even if the girls are about to greet the pain when the body is opened, the soreness when stretched, the rush when the body temperature rises ...

But what they will gain is definitely not only good-looking figure, but also peace and elegance exuding from the inside out.

The good figure and good temperament obtained in yoga practice time and time again is the beauty that other girls can't come out with.

The good figure and good temperament obtained in yoga practice are beautiful things that other girls can't get out of.

After practicing yoga, you will find self-confidence in the open; you will find humility when you drop down; you will find understanding when you look back;

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