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What is home? That's great. Be sure to check it out ...

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What is a couple? Love each other for a lifetime, quarrel for a lifetime, endure a lifetime, this is a couple.

What is home? Home is run by husband and wife, weaving dreams and bitter and sweet nests.

What is a couple? Love each other for a lifetime, quarrel for a lifetime, endure a lifetime, this is a couple.

The home must be loved and unreasonable; the home must be quiet and noisy; the home must be clean and not messy; the home must be sincere and not hypocritical; the home must be free and not forced; The home must be caring, considerate, understanding, tolerant, and tolerant, and the home must be happy.

Home is a place that can shelter us from the wind and rain. Home is a place that can give us warmth and give us hope. Home is a harbor where we can dock. Home is also our spiritual sustenance. It is home that gives us hope and allows us to enjoy endless joy. Home is a stop in the journey of life. Life is a ship drifting in the sea. Home is the safest harbor. Home guides us in the direction of progress. Home gives us a pair of free flying wings. No matter where the dream is, the only love in life is home, and home is our harbour of happiness.

Home is not a simple concept. Sociologists say that home is the smallest cell of society; marriage scientists say that home is a world of two people dependent on each other. What exactly is home? Many people think it is a question that is not worth thinking about.

So let's listen to a story first. A rich man was drunk outside his villa, and his security guard helped him and said, "Sir, let me help you go home!" The rich man asked the security guard: "Home ?! Where is my home? Can you help me back? Got home? ". The security guard was puzzled. He pointed to the villa not far away and said, "Isn't that your home?" The rich man pointed to his own heart, and pointed to the luxury villa not far away. It was serious and intermittent. Land replied, "That, that's not my home, that's just my house."

Home is not a house, it is not a color TV, it is not a refrigerator, it is not a space packed with materials. The abundance of material can give us a sense of pleasure, but that is fleeting. Imagine that in that space, if it is full of violence and the Cold War, if you have different dreams, and if you look good, then your "home" will not become its home. And become a battlefield of battle. Cars are nothing but the tragedy of this modern battlefield. No wonder there are some big self-deprecations: "I'm so poor that I only have money left!"

Home needs loved ones. That special sense of truth is needed. The two people who care about each other are home, where home rises to a belief, a religion, and a support for spiritual power.

Home is the aggregate of love. Let's take a look at the home in the world.

Home is a harbor of affection, home is the cradle of growth, home is a habitat for the soul, home is the place where you can most indulge yourself, and home is a spiritual paradise. Home is all about the emotions you have with your family. When you have it, it is as ordinary as chai tea with vinegar, and when you lose it, you ca n’t find it with your heart.

Without the harmony of the family, there will be no social harmony, and without the peace of the family, there will be no peace and order in the society as a whole, and there will be no prosperity in the home.

How to deal with the relationship between husband and wife is the most critical issue at home. As the saying goes: "It took hundreds of years to build the same boat, and thousands of years to sleep together." A husband and wife are two hemispheres. We need to understand, trust, respect and forgive each other. It is like holding a hand of sand and holding it loosely, it will not leak at all, the tighter you hold it, the more it leaks.

Home is a culture; home is a time; home is a feeling. A couple is like having two legs. They must stand firmly and walk. No one can do without it. Why is one leg always complaining to the other? Some husbands and wives have said that there have been no conflicts or differences in their marriage for decades. It can be asserted that at least one of them has no responsibility for the family and no concern for the other party. Marriage is a comfortable trouble. ”倘若两个人谁都不愿糊涂,这个家庭永无宁日。 The family is not a place for reason. The way of husband and wife is "rarely confused. " If two people do not want to be confused, this family will never be peaceful. 托尔斯泰说:“幸福的家庭是相似的,不幸的家庭各有各自的不幸”。 " Tolstoy said:" Happy families are similar, unhappy families have their own misfortunes. "

The best marriage arrangement is not equal to the best marriage status. Without looking up at men and admiring women, love will never happen. Marriage will never be lingering, love lies in "fascination", excessive soberness, calculation and comparison, this is not love. A happy marriage, love and conscience is everything. Marriage is pure "selfishness". Love is sacred "greedy". Once you are not selfish to you, it means that you are no longer important to her.

Marriage is like making tea. The first tea is like being in love and strong and fragrant. The second tea is like being newly married and fresh and pleasant. The third tea is like being just after a full moon or a dense marriage. You can only appreciate the real interest if you taste it normally.

Qian Zhongshu said: "The family is a gold-painted bird cage. The birds outside the cage want to live in, and the birds in the cage want to fly out."

Today divorce is a "rich and sick" disease, the poor want peace, and the rich want change. Marriage without love is unstable, and marriage with only love is also unstable. Time and distance can make love warm and cool. The worst woman also wants to find an excellent man, and the worst man also wants to find an excellent woman. Therefore, marriage is an eternal regret.

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Men are philosophy, women are poetry. Philosophy without poetry is dull, and poetry without philosophy is superficial. Philosophy is rational and poetic. Men need to understand their own philosophies if they want to understand poems. Women need to understand their own poems if they want to understand them. Deep philosophies can only resonate with poems with proper flavor. The best may not be the best for you, but the best for you is the best.

Everyone said that his wife is good. In fact, he knows that he loves his wife and loves his wife. He fakes wine mixed with water, whether it is water or wine. He loves his husband and lovers. There is only a happy starting point and no happy ending. Too many men are not to be compared with husbands, too many are good women, and are not to be compared to wives. That is dangerous.

Seeing noble officials is no comparison, not as incompetent as a husband, seeing beauty and coquettishness, thinking more about the love of husband and wife, women's weakness is an illusion, weak but not deceiving, there are a few men who want to subdue women, some are not subdued by women, women are not The weak, women are the source of men's strength, and the man's sturdyness is not the encouragement from loving women and women. Men who are inferior to women are no less than women who are inferior to men.

Lin Yutang said: "A woman is water, when mixed into wine, it is wine, and when mixed into vinegar, it is vinegar." The value of a woman depends on his man.

Not to mention that women are inseparable from men. Men need women more. Men without women cannot live, and women without men have done the same. A man is water, a woman is a dyke, and there is no water that does not want to overrun the dyke. A man is an erotic volcano. Although the appearance is calm, the ground fire is burning. Once the volcano erupts, it is a flood beast.

Man expresses love through sex, and women understand love through sex. Sexual harmony is fertile ground for harmony between husband and wife. Poorness does not mean that there is no warm home. A good husband cherishes the tenderness of his wife's tenderness and compassion, and understands the hardship of the weak family. , Not a good husband.

The wife is the most valuable family wealth. The woman who is wise is the wise first, then the wise. The stupid woman suffers from the wise. The wise woman puts gold on her husband's face, and the stupid woman smears her husband's face. The wife despise her husband is The deepest tragedy in the family.

The process of his wife's concern must be stingy. This is a manifestation of her happiness. Do not interrupt the sounding of happiness in her heart. The spoiled wife is a gift of love. She gives tenderness to her husband. A woman who despise her husband will not spoil her in front of her husband. Which man is not afraid of his wife, "afraid" is a modest, is a proof of love.

The most ideal relationship between husband and wife must be: intimacy and appropriate alienation, frankness and retention of some secrecy.

If couples can get along with each other as their best friends, then the hands of both people will be held tight.

Perhaps the most important thing in loving a person is not the mountain pledge and sweet words. Some trivial matters in life can better reflect his feelings for you. That is the code of love.

The secret to long-term relationships with loved ones is to give up the idea of changing people. In order to continue the love and the perfect marriage, the wife must please the husband, and the husband must please the wife. As for how to please, it is an advanced art. Pride cannot be long, desire cannot be indulgent, joy cannot be extreme, and ambition cannot be full.

Trust: The most important trait shared by two people in a marriage relationship is also indispensable for building a happy and growing relationship. People who live in marriage also live half-closed and half-closed eyes. There are no perfect men and women in the world. If the eyes are left open for too long, or if they are illuminated for too long with a demon mirror, I am afraid that even God can pick up the fault.

Nothing is more valuable in the life of a husband and wife than sincerity, trust and consideration. In a happy marriage, everyone should respect each other's tastes and hobbies. It is the most ridiculous thought that two people can have the same thought, the same judgment, and the same desire. In a harmonious family, at least one of each couple is a "fool. Couples are like strings on the same string. They tremble in harmony in the same melody, but they are independent of each other.

A matching couple is able to withstand all possible disasters. When they are living in poverty together, they are much happier than a husband and wife who occupy the world's property but are separated from each other.

Couple quarrels in the young age are the entanglement of love, and couple quarrels in the old age are frustrating.

The wife is dishonest and the husband is half responsible. The husband is not chastity, and his wife is half responsible. If the other party is forced to flee, the responsibility will be even greater. A qualified wife should make her husband the creator of social wealth through her own efforts.

In real life, a good man may not marry a good woman, a good woman may not marry a good man, and a good woman and a good man may not be happy together. There are thousands of people, and there are many things in the world. Each person's personality, taste, and accomplishment are different. The way a husband and wife get along is different. A hundred couples have a hundred ways to get along.

Marriage is like a table, and love is the staple food. Tolerance, understanding, trust, and respect are a dish. Appreciation, humor, and fun are wine and drinks. Only a banquet with the above-mentioned varieties can be considered a perfect banquet. I hope that everyone at the table of marriage will eat comfortably, eat calmly, and eat forever, until the last breath of life.

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