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Hello everyone, "Preschool Teacher Style" has met you ~

Did the education essay we shared in the last issue leave a deep impression on everyone? In this issue, we will share with you the interpretation of the "Guidelines for Learning and Development of Children 3-6 Years". I believe that learning the contents of the "Guidelines" can help us better understand our professional characteristics and help children better. Healthy growth. So not much to say, take a look at what we are sharing today!

We all know that young children are in the initial and important stages of their physical and psychological development, so maintaining and promoting their health is the first and most important. The "Guide" puts forward reference standards for height and weight of children of all ages, as well as a typical manifestation of body posture, around "having a healthy posture".

Height and weight reflect to some extent the basic characteristics of infants' physical development and their nutritional status. Healthy young children should have a healthy posture, which includes both the developmental characteristics of the body shape and the body posture directly related to it. In China, the low body weight rate and obesity rate of young children cannot be ignored, especially the obesity rate of young children is increasing. Childhood obesity has become one of the most important issues that endanger the health of children in China, which has certain relations with the continuous improvement of people's living conditions, the one-sided view of health and diet of adults, and excessive caloric intake and insufficient exercise of young children.


As a kindergarten teacher, we also need to provide them with a good living environment and fun activities so that they can experience relaxation, happiness and satisfaction in life and activities.

We must also attach importance to the organic integration of learning in the field of early childhood health with education in other fields. The "Guide" stated in the "Explanation": "Children's development is a whole, we must pay attention to the mutual penetration and integration between fields and goals, and promote the comprehensive and coordinated development of children's body and mind." This reflects the advocacy of the "Guide" The basic idea of "focus on the integrity of children's learning and development".


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