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Dragon knights talk about your most missed game

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Adult novel reading online

Do you remember the "Little Overlord's Fun"?

This is what we used to cry and called for parents to buy

Learning machine for "learning"

But the fact has become our game console

Remember with my brother

Play a level game in a bungalow in the backyard

This may be the earliest opening in history!


More and more carriers of games today

The form is constantly changing

But whatever

Host or mobile

Tablet or PC

Our love for games is constant


Brother, I have a feeling for the game, right?

CS from elementary school

Practice listening to footsteps and "flashing mirrors" every day

War3 to junior high school age

Learn SKY, Moon, Grubby, Lucifer, etc.

"Cross Siege"

Then to college-level DOTA2 and LOL

First 500 Shadow Demon and Ice

Learn about the skills of each hero

There are also various so-called

"Stand-alone game" accompanied me

Call of Duty, Battlefield, Civilization, Old Roll, Ride and Cut ...

Too much too much


Rage of Fire Unicorn

And i can be

MSI-a company focused on Gaming

Really happy

Maybe because I ’m the same as MSI

Have a belief in the game


So I can be proud to say

MSI is Gaming NO.1!

MSI is True Gaming!

MSI is a big brand of Top Player, Top Choice!


what! Said almost forgotten today's topic:

Talk about your most missed game


OK, let's get up!


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