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It's cold at first, you don't understand the pain of Pingliang

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Rebirth of the Ancient Wicked Genius

At the beginning of April, Pingliang finally ushered in the colorful spring light, and all kinds of flowers came out to compete for the beautiful and beautiful. The bright spring light and the manic demon wind got along well.

I ca n’t help but be proud of my Dapingliang. After a wave of twists and turns, we finally ushered in the proud spring girl. Although the sun is burning at noon, and the cool wind hits sooner or later, the peach red willow green of Laoshan is very heart-wrenching and eye-catching. Where ever more sighs that the spring is infinitely good!

I would like to say to Spring Girl:

Are you ready for such a spring?

The spring is warm, everything is awake, and various bacteria are beginning to stretch out their minions. When the weather is good, babies can take a walk and enjoy the sun, but they must pay attention to sun protection.

As the saying goes, "a vegetable, a bean, an egg and some meat", babies should eat more vegetables and exercise properly, not only to prevent disease, but also to shape and lose weight. Little waist and long legs ~

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