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College love 丨 The campus with me will not let you go to the rain

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I saw a sentence before, it was raining in the city where you lived, and I would like to ask if you brought an umbrella. But I held back because I was afraid you said you did n’t bring it, and I could n’t do anything. It ’s like I love you but I ca n’t give you the company you want

On the campus of Wuwei, I wo n’t ask if you bring an umbrella, because whether or not you bring it, I will bring an umbrella and wait for you

,而你是那个没有伞的人,似乎是一场约定好的春雨,在阴云密布的中午终于淅淅沥沥的开始下,而这次的春雨,将会持续好几天的时间 The sky in this city is always grumpy, and a rain comes when you do n’t agree , and you are the one who does n’t have an umbrella, it seems to be a promised spring rain, and finally begins at the noon of cloudiness, and This spring rain will last for several days

雨一直下着,池塘里溅起的水泡,汽车跑过溅起的雨水,似乎都在配合着这场有点冷的春雨 Under the drizzle, not only the scenery of the academy, but also the touching love, the rain keeps falling, the water bubbles splashing in the pond, and the cars running past the splashing rain, all seem to cooperate with this somewhat cold spring rain

The story happened on campus on Saturday morning, and the light rain in the sky ticked down next. It is not easy to wait for a rain of Wuwei, so I cherish it. Sitting in the listening pavilion, watching some beautiful women by the lotus pond playing selfies, watching the girl with an umbrella walking outside the school gate, watching the flowers on the campus scramble to open . Because of this rain, it brought countless vitality to Wuwei campus

A boy in a white coat ran towards the tenth building with an umbrella and watched him to the entrance of the tenth dormitory building. I guess he should be here to pick up his girlfriend. 在十号楼下一直站着,没看见他打电话给女友,就这样站了超过十分钟, 下雨的武威校园有点冷,而他却不离开 However, he had been standing downstairs on the tenth floor, and did not see him calling his girlfriend. He stood for more than ten minutes, and the rainy Wuwei campus was a bit cold, but he did not leave.

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Ten minutes have passed, and I can't wait a bit, I can't help but lament the good spirit of this big brother. 显然是男生的到来让 姑娘的表情稍微有点惊讶, 男生走过去为姑娘撑起了伞,然后他们开始往校门口的方向走去。 When I got up and left, a girl came out of the building door. It was obviously the boy's arrival that surprised the girl's expression. The boy walked over to hold the umbrella for the girl, and then they started walking towards the school gate. 可以 让一个男生在 这么冷的天里 等这么长时间 I pretended to follow them behind to see how charming this girl really is, so that a boy can wait for so long in such a cold day

The girl first said: "I said you don't need to go, I can go alone." The girl said in a husky voice, and coughed a few times. The boy in white looked at the girl a little bit angrily and said, "You have a bad cold, so you agree to go to the hospital. It ’s raining so much, you do n’t bring an umbrella, so you will only get a cold when you go to the hospital ... . "The boy in white moved the umbrella over his head to the girl while talking. I stopped, it turned out that the girl had a cold and was going to the hospital, and the boy asked to accompany him. Watching the back of this little couple on campus disappear into sight, it's nice to have your campus

It turns out that love in the military vocational college is as simple as this : I won't accompany you to the rain, I will try my best not to let you rain. It's good to see such a beautiful love on campus

The campus in the rainy season is always a bit colder, a little more parting, a little more sad, and a little more unknown. Whenever it is rainy season, many people go out a little bit more, and the light rain of Zelili is still raining. How many people are holding the quilt in the dormitory to warm them up. Maybe they are fortunate not to get a little raindrops, and she is lucky to go out on a rainy day. With him

Love is like this. It's not just people, but it's completely free for us to cherish every day of us and to love everyone around us.

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