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Accepting Chengdu Education Funding Audit and Inspection Briefing

Public number: Neusoft Kindergarten, Qingchengshan Town, Dujiangyan City Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:59:37

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2 日下午 ,成都市第三方审计公司检查小组一行三人到 青城山东软 幼儿园进行了学生资助工作审计检查。 On the afternoon of March 22 , a three-person inspection team from the Chengdu Third Party Audit Company went to Qingcheng Shandong Soft Kindergarten to conduct an audit inspection of student funding. The audit and inspection was led by the Funding Center of Dujiangyan Education Bureau.


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2014年春季学期——2016年秋季学期教育资助项目宣传与各类资助资金落实情况。 This time, we will focus on the publicity of education funding projects in the spring semester of 2014-autumn semester of 2016 and the implementation of various funding funds. The inspection team not only conducted in-depth inspections of key content through listening to reports, data inspections, discussions, and random inspections, but also conducted detailed and comprehensive inspections in terms of organizational security, system construction, policy implementation, fund management, publicity and education, and archives management. 政策宣传、感恩教育得到了检查组的肯定。 The archive management , policy promotion, and gratitude education of "Three Children" and "Helping and Aiding Difficulties" in our garden were affirmed by the inspection team.

We will implement a fair education policy and treat every child equally. Our garden will continue to fund this benefit project in accordance with the principles of fairness, openness and fairness.

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