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Duan Yihong, who dares to say that you are not popular?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Liang Yusheng

The crime action film "Extraordinary Mission" has recently been released, and I watched it for the first time.


One word, cool!


This film is the 12th collaboration between director Mai Zhaohui and screenwriter Zhuang Wenqiang since Infernal Affairs.


It was also the first time that the "Mai Zhuang Group" filmed a Hong Kong-style police bandit action film more than ten years ago and went north to shoot a commercial theme film.


作为联合执导。 Coupled with Hong Kong action film industry ace photography, Golden Statue Golden Horse Award winner Pan Yaoming as co-director.

Added more hot scenes to the film.


These years, with the drastic changes in the international environment.

Chinese police's cross-border missions have increasingly become an important subject in the theme movies.


Operation Mekong, War Wolf 2


It also allows "Hong Kong filmmakers" such as "Mai Zhuang Pan" to pay more attention to the Mainland.


,在这部电影中可谓是转型之作。 Huang Xuan , one of the starring actors, is a transformation in this film.


In order to appear in various action scenes and fighting scenes in the film, he went to Thailand to train a month and a half in advance and consulted with a martial arts director with an open mind.


等场面,经历了“血与火”的洗礼。 In the film, the scenes of water torture, tying, speeding, and gunfighting experienced the baptism of "blood and fire."


Huang Xuan was injured during the shooting

However, compared with Huang Xuan's transformation, what is even more stunning is the "old drama bone" -Duan Yihong, who starred in the wicked villain for the first time.


The villain "Eagle" played by Duan Yihong in the movie is a complicated character.


Different from the stereotyped image of drug dealers in the past, Duan Yihong's calmness and his weird smile make the character's character more than one side.


,不仅对警察大开杀戒,对手下同样毫不手软,视人命为草芥,心里住着一个魔鬼。 On the one hand, it is extremely vicious , not only to kill the police, but also to show no mercy to his opponents. He regards human life as a mustard, and a devil lives in his heart.


,为控制卧底林凯(黄轩饰) ,先将其打伤,趁其疗伤之际向其注射毒品,利用其完成自己的复仇计划。 On the other hand, he was extremely insidious and cunning . In order to control the undercover Lin Kai (Huang Xuan) , he was wounded first, while he was being healed, he was injected with drugs and used it to complete his own revenge plan.


In addition, he also took the "hypocrisy" to the extreme.


Rite Buddha and raising children are the things he does the most besides drug trafficking. However, behind the apparent "goodness" lies a greater evil.


Duan Yihong's role as a drug dealer is "poisonous" .


Of course, Duan Yihong's acting skills are beyond doubt, and he has the reputation of being a "drama" in the movie circle.


The characters presented have distinct personality, wide play and act like one.


火了一批人,王宝强、陈思成、张译、李晨…… Eleven years ago, "Soldier Assault" fired a group of people, Wang Baoqiang, Chen Sicheng, Zhang Yi, Li Chen ...


But the most sexy thing is the special force "Old A" played by Duan Yihong, Yuan Lang .


Yuan Lang is different from the stereotyped soldiers in other film and television dramas. He is full of hippie from head to toe.


Let me give you the most impressive example:


He told Xu Sanduo that he had acute appendicitis during an exercise and that he had to cut off the cecum immediately.


When she was brought to the hospital, the female nurse forgot to take the anaesthetic, and the knife went down ... Yuan Lang shouted.


The female nurse said, " What are you shouting? People in the tiger group are still in pain?"


As a result, Yuan Lang didn't say anything again ...


The editor was still worried when he saw this, but he knelt down the next second.


Yuan Lang said: "Later, I married this nurse. So far she still thinks I am a freak, and it doesn't hurt without taking anesthetic ..."


Is there such a dishonest PLA soldier?


Yes, Yuan Lang played by Duan Yihong is just one.


The dangers of electronic cigarettes

,让人感觉他不是在演,而是觉得他就是那个气质超群妖孽横生的特种兵队长。 It can be said that Duan Yihong gave Yuan Lang life , which made people feel that he was not acting, but felt that he was the captain of the special forces with a superb temperament.


But we don't know, Duan Yihong.

At first, he didn't want to play Yuan Lang. He felt that he didn't "suck the blood".


Lan Xiaolong, the original author of "Soldier Assault", and director Kang Honglei secretly sneered : "If you want to be beautiful, you have to give you this bad performance."


Later, Duan Yihong completed his health and walked on Kunming Street while listening to Jay Chou's "Nunchaku", and his heart suddenly surprised:


"Ah? Who said Yuan Lang didn't like to listen to this song? All of a sudden, his possibility came out."


For example, there is a scene in "Soldier Assault" in which Yuan Lang holds a game console and discusses "clearance" with Wu Zhe played by Li Chen.


That was the inspiration of Duan Yihong.


Tao Hong, Duan Yihong's classmate, called him immediately after watching "Soldier Assault": "Yuan Lang is good, the character is multifaceted, not single."


That's right, Duan Yihong regards Yuan Lang as a two-skinned character, which is more sexy after cutting it off.


再加上他的表演风格是纯科班出身,深受“斯氏的体验派教育”影响。 Duan Yihong was very contagious in the process of acting. In addition, his acting style was from pure science class, and he was deeply influenced by "Student's experiential education".


主要通过演员外在的肢体和表情深入地挖掘出人性、人心的复杂性。 Stewart's experientialism: It is mainly through the external limbs and expressions of actors to deeply dig out the complexity of human nature and human heart. Actors are required to maintain the same mental state as the characters behind and behind the mirror. Also known as "method acting".


Duan Yihong deliberately went to Xiamen police station to experience life for 20 days in the role of Iguchun in "Blazing Heart" .


I stayed in the house every day, and it was said that the pay-seekers at the time ... all caught up.


I just want to observe every detail of the police from the police station.


The old paragraph said that when he saw the police enforce the law, they yelled to deter criminals, so he also whispered in the scene on the bridge.


The original novel "Sunspots" was originally a single male lead, but the film 让 made Duan Yihong act as a double male lead.


Many film fans may, like Xiaobian, have a fresh memory of the scene where Duan Yihong and Deng Chao tried each other.


Duan Yihong sat on the co-pilot and stared at Deng Chao. His body posture seemed relaxed, but his eyes were always insightful.

Look, the aggressive field of the old section came out.


There was also the last high-altitude scene at the end of "Blazing Heart", where Duan Yihong shook his fingers with smoke.


Look, the meticulous inner drama of the old section also came out.


Many good actors perform well, and the director will add words to the show.


Duan Yihong performed well, and the director would cut lines for him.


有时候情感都不用台词表达。 Restraint, restraint, affection, and sometimes emotions are not expressed in lines.

Why is Duan Yihong still not popular?


Because he is an actor, not a star.


Powerful actors do not need to be measured by red or red, but works.


What's more, Duan Yihong has been improving himself constantly.

As he once said in an interview with Fenghuang.com: "Fixing yourself is tantamount to self-rape."


Duan Yihong, an actor who only speaks on his works, how lucky he is for the audience.

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