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Wu Xin changed her hair color, just like a makeover

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream


Wu Xin, in the eyes of others, has always been a very ordinary and ordinary girl. In the happy base camp, she has always appeared as a supporting role. She never fights and lives hard. Attending Fashion Week for the second time, she won a lot of votes in dress and even hairstyle!

Wu Xin, who was once apathetic, now cries with beautiful hairstyles!

Her most amazing moment was the moment she dyed her hair golden: instantly captured the netizens' "24k titanium alloy eyes"! The airy French bangs with shoulder-length hair not only changed the temperament, but also brightened the complexion of the whole person. Fortunately, Wu Xin has a lot of hair, otherwise how can I hold this super hair volume? s color?

The golden shoulder-length hair will not appear to be too big when it is tied with a fluffy and messy meatball head. The most important thing is that this messy feeling can be pulled out casually because the color is not too ugly!

Qi Liu Hai and Qi Er bob straight short hair, age reduction is age reduction, if it is straight short hair over the chin may be better.

Air bangs with shoulder-length straight hair, it really looks better than Qi Er.

This chestnut orange-brown hair color can increase the rosy feeling of the complexion, and can improve the complexion. The shoulder-length bob with 37 points partial bangs, and the fluffy feeling out of the hands, this is probably what this ordinary hairstyle looks different.

French bangs, layered hairstyle, this look makes me have the illusion of seeing Yang Yanlin.

The air bangs over the length of the eyebrows are taken care of freely, and the hair with shoulders is made asymmetrical inside and outside curled. Finally, it is matched with a warm hair color to achieve a playful and beautiful shape.

In addition to asymmetrical curled hair, there are symmetrical curled ends. It doesn't look like most of the highlights, a light flaxen yellow hair color is the highlight.

The eyebrow-less short-roll bangs combined with the ear-closing inner buckle type BOB head, the biggest advantage is that it is easy to create a retro style!

The shape of the oil head at the 19th National Congress avoids rigidity, and the tail at the back of the head slightly manages the natural outcrop. Not only the overall shape is very texture, but also the person is very capable.

Medium and long hair can also make partial oil head styles. Of course, this oil head is worn on the top of the head, without having to wipe it all!

The casual low-medium ponytail hair is tied up, even if the face is not visible and the hair is messy.

Short hair, low ponytail full tie style, can not ignore the slightly longer parts of the air bangs on both sides to modify the face shape, this is the best choice for short hair girl paper full tie style. Add micro signal shou806 to teach you to easily lose weight to 90 pounds

It is also suitable to match the low ponytail with short hair and a straight bangs. The lip color is the same red color as the long skirt. Even Wu Xin, who is not stunning, can give people a sense of cold beauty.

In addition to short hair, you can also have a low ball head, this hairstyle is not bad.

With a half-tied meatball head and a playful bow tie, Wu Xin's entire image is girly ~~

Shoulder hair can also tie up the head of the ball. Those short hair that has not been tied up will "forget it", and the hairstyle does not have to be neat every day! Of course, this can easily kill OCD.


Short-haired high ponytail hair will be more young and energetic than long-haired high ponytail!

In the middle of the California girl curly hair, this bangs is really beautiful, okay.


Short hair half ponytail, hair more tender than girls, do you want a style?

The fluffy ponytail twisted his hair, no matter whether it was high or low.

The whole hairstyle is made of bubble noodles, a double ponytail with the attribute of "Meng", coupled with loving bangs. If you look at it well, you don't need to say: 101 points! One more point, I'm not afraid of her pride.

Wu Xin, who changed her hairstyle, became more and more beautiful; Wu Xin, who changed her hairstyle, became more and more fashionable. From a rustic village girl to a trendy girl, Wu Xin also experienced a lot of ridicule and frustration. I hope every girl who wants or is trying to change the trend, beautiful, you deserve it.

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