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The wife encourages her husband to derail, but asks her husband to agree to these requirements ... (No man dares to agree)

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Do all mothers have a kind of "illness": I always feel that my husband loves looking at long legs on the street, and I can't help looking at the girl in the street wearing cool clothes. Is there any wood as mm goes?

However, sometimes, this is really not an illusion or a disease. The long road to marriage will go through many tests of "seven years of itching". If one day, the wife feels her husband and misses it. How did Baoma face them?

See how this witty wife is facing?

One day when my husband came home from work, his wife was busy dinner in the kitchen.

我们公司老总最近养了个漂亮的情妇,听说是他老婆跟他感情不和才有外遇的。 Grandpa: The boss of our company recently raised a beautiful mistress. I heard that his wife had an affair because he was not in a relationship with him.

怎么? Wife: Why? Wouldn't you like to think so too?

哪里哪里! Public: Where and where! It was because of their emotional problems that we didn't. After dinner, my wife went into her husband's study.

先别忙,我们先来聊聊。 Wife: Don't be busy first, let's talk first. If one day a beautiful girl asks you to watch a movie and you want to go. You asked her to help us take care of our son, and then I asked you to go to the movies, okay?

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如果哪天你在路上看到哪个女生的穿着打扮你很欣赏,进而觉得你的老婆不够漂亮的话。 Wife : If one day you see which girl is dressed on the road and you admire it, and then feel that your wife is not pretty enough. You go and ask her for a month of maintenance and installation budget, and then give me the same budget from your salary, I think I can do it.

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如果你对她真动了心,想跟她结婚的话。 Wife: If you really love her and want to marry her. Then I move out with your son and let you move in with her to take care of your mother for three years. (It must be as long as I live).

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以后,过年过节你都跟她过,然后情人节什麽的我跟你过;祭祖拜祖她去弄,看电影旅游什麽的我来做。 Wife: In the future, you will go with her for the Chinese New Year and the New Year, and then I will go with you for Valentine's Day or something; She'd better be willing to take care of your son so that we can have fun. 自掏腰包孝敬老的,出国渡假我还可以自费呢! If I do n’t have to pay for the old, I can pay for my holiday abroad! I still have this extra power.

这种条件,谁肯做啊! Husband finally couldn't help it: who would do it under such conditions!

那就对啦! P: That's right! What you lack most is not Primary Three, but to hire a maid to share my hard work, so that I have time and spare time to play happily with you. If you can do this. I am your lover for life. Otherwise, I will always be like a yellow-faced mother like I am now.

那万一是妳外遇呢? Gong: What if it is your affair?

Watching her husband look nervous, his wife smiled ...

这点我可以肯定的告诉你,一辈子去伺候一家子的事情,一次就够了,如果我想外遇,我也只会想交男朋友,不会想结婚的。 Wife: I can tell you for sure . It is enough to serve the whole family for one life. If I want to have an affair, I will only want to have a boyfriend and not want to get married. So if you can raise me regularly, I won't have an affair.

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Husband hugged his wife: No! Never, we will grow old together! His wife had a contented smile on her face.

Assuming the derailment of the husband, what is the attitude of the mothers?

@ 万 眼 的 万 个 我 i:

If my husband derails, I will not forgive it. As the saying goes, there is a second time if it is the first time. If you forgive him so easily, he will feel that it does n’t matter. Treasure mothers, have children, take care of the children, marry and leave. From my childhood home, I have to live in an unfamiliar home. With the parents in my mouth, our women are already very tired and tired, so do n’t feel wronged, love yourself, okay?

@ ⅳFAB 双双 :

A man's derailment is not entirely because his wife is pregnant. There may be such a thought in his heart. There is no reason for it. It is possible for a wife to get pregnant. It is also possible to find a reason. Most men will be derailed but will not let their wife know. But this problem. If it gets worse, I don't think it is necessary to waste each other's time and feelings. What do you think? Although I haven't encountered such a thing, if I encountered it, I would not choose to be silent.

@ 糖糖:

As long as I found out that it was derailed, split the family property, divorce. I can't stand it

To the men:

Never think that someone else's daughter-in-law is better than you, because she must not be your daughter-in-law, it's really yours, and you don't feel good about it. Don't always have illusions about beautiful women.

Don't always hold back those women who have been ambiguous with you. She once rejected you, but still surrounds you, giving you hope and illusions that are always away, but just using your feelings to fill her blank loneliness and act as her. Looking for Duo Jinnan's transition period and meeting her material needs; although she may pay a little, she will ask for more from you, at least playing with your feelings.

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