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Songhuajiang City section yesterday Wenkaijiang | Lighting landscape in Songbei renovation area

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Songhuajiang City section

Waited for a long time and finally waited until today ~  

The Songhua River City section, which has been frozen for a winter, finally opened the river yesterday!

文开江较去年3月28日开江日期晚了8天。 The Harbin Hydrographic Bureau determined according to the melting of the river ice. At 8 o'clock yesterday, the Songhua River City section was opened for Wenkai River , 8 days later than the date of opening the river on March 28 last year.

在此期间江心将持续出现流冰 ,江面作业船只须注意躲避。 Hydrological experts predict that it will take about 5 days to open the river in the entire Harbin section of the Songhua River. During this period , drift ice will continue to appear in the center of the river , and vessels operating on the river must be careful to avoid it.

Photo by "Mobile Reporter" Handkerchief of Harbin News Network

The monitoring by Harbin Hydrology Bureau showed that as of 8 o'clock yesterday, the river surface from the Songhua River Sifangtai Bridge to the river section of the Binzhou Railway Bridge was drifting ice, thus determining the opening of the river in the city section.

It is reported that the Songjiang River City section has an average opening date of April 9 in each year, and the earliest opening date in recent years was March 28 of last year. This year's opening date is close to the previous year's record.

At present, the density of drifting ice on the river surface of the urban section is 30%, and the thickness of the ice blocks is 15 cm. At about 9 o'clock yesterday, the reporter saw at the monitoring station of Jiuzhan Park, an important monitoring point on the Kaijiang River in the city section. During the spring breeze, the undulating river was wrapped with floating ice and drifted slowly downstream. The entire river surface is divided into two by the river water and drift ice, and half of the river surface near the north side of the river is still covered by ice floes.

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Lighting landscape in Songbei renovation area

Did you notice? The night of Songbei is getting brighter and brighter!

At the beginning of this spring, Songbei District (Harbin New District) has already renovated the lighting landscape in the area. These include:

  • Jiangwan Road, Shimao Avenue, Zhongyuan Avenue;

  • Songpu Avenue, Songbei Avenue, Xiang'an North-South Avenue;

  • Around the city government, around the Grand Theatre, and around Wanda City.

Ma Yuewu / Photo

  • As of now, Songbei has completed the lighting landscape maintenance of 4 bridge bodies including Songhuajiang Highway Bridge, Sun Island Sky Bridge, Jinhe Bridge and Reaming Bridge.

  • The lighting of 46 buildings including the Civil Administration Building, Celiz Building, Zhongguan International, Meiyu Jiangdao, Xinxinyiyuan, and Guanjiang International has been completed and repaired.

  • 35 streets around the city government, around the Grand Theater, around Wanda, Shimao Avenue, Zhongyuan Avenue, Songpu Avenue, Xilin Street, Sun Island, Jiang'an Street, the Third Ring Road, and around the Ice and Snow World were completed.

Don't wait too long, the lighting rate of main streets and key parts will reach 99%, and the lighting rate of secondary roads and branch roads will reach more than 97%.

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