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[Love Travel] Travel is no stranger, but are you really traveling?

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Travel is no stranger to you. But every time you really travel? Still follow a lot of people? Feel what a real tour is today!

Walk a lot

Only walking on the road,

To breathe fresh air and feel the wind of freedom,

Run if you want, run if you want.

I was confined to the car while traveling,

What's the point of that?

The real good scenery is on the road,

The more you go, the more you will gain.

Stop and go, this is the most correct posture for travel.

Tasting food

The travel of the body is also the travel of the tongue,

Eating is definitely a top priority on your trip!

Each city has its own unique taste,

How do you know if you do n’t eat?

The real food might not be in an upscale restaurant,

Streets are selling,

Those that the locals must eat every day,

You must not miss it!

Meet other travelers

Tourism allows you to see different landscapes,

Have a different state of mind,

It will also take you to know different people.

Travelers from all corners of the world gathered here,

Is actually a great fate

You talk to each other during the long journey,

If you happen to like you,

Your tour will be more interesting and warm.

Challenge what has not been done

Travel is an adventure in itself.

Now that you have the courage to get on the road,

Why not be angry?

To challenge things that you haven't done before?

Bungee jumping, diving, parachuting,

Take a hot air balloon,

Do what you can't usually do and find yourself on the other side,

This is the meaning of travel.

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Learn local culture

Every place has its own culture,

After enjoying the scenery and food,

You must not miss the opportunity to collide with the culture!

Try talking to passionate locals,

They will tell you a lot of interesting things,

Let you know more about this city,

Maybe in the end you will be reluctant to leave.

Discover different attractions

Where you will go during the tour,

It's nothing more than a so-called hot spot,

As for the scenery there,

It must be the crowd first!

Take your own steps,

Looking for a good store hidden in the corner,

Seeing beautiful scenery

Discover the beauty that belongs to you!

buy souvenir

The good memories of travel will slowly disappear,

Buy some local items to go back to commemorate,

Naturally the last necessary link of the trip!

Buying souvenirs before leaving,

Give it to friends and relatives, have fun together,

more importantly,

Keep the memories of travel long.

Plan your money

Traveling and having fun is wonderful, enjoyable,

But at the same time it is a very costly thing.

So when you start planning your trip,

It is also necessary to make reasonable arrangements for using money.

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