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[Ming Jue ZS] Ten miles of spring breeze, not as good as you.

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Divine Beast Farm


To find a throbbing encounter

Ten spring breeze

Not as good as you

MG ZS 1.5L Automatic Deluxe Edition

99,800 yuan

”设计、 伦敦眼大灯 " Emotional " design, London Eye headlights

风镜式仪表 Big Dipper taillight , goggle type instrument

豹跃肩线 Shield grille , leopard jump shoulder line

SAIC Blue Core Efficient Power Technology

NES 1.5L PLUS engine

Combined with Aisin Intelligent Control Automatic High Efficiency Transmission

Triple adjustable electronic boost

Ultra-high-strength steel structure body

全系倒车影像 9th Generation Bosch ESP

Yan Kong can't resist the temptation of ta

The appearance is the same, it is perfect

Give you a different motivation experience

There are also various icing on the cake

If you want to be more in line with the current trend

The internet is your essential attribute

Let you flow

Makes you a trend indicator

MG ZS 1.5L automatically enjoys the Internet version

106,800 yuan

SAIC and Alibaba jointly build Internet car intelligent system

智能地图 8-inch high-definition touch screen , smart map

精微语音控制 Remote control , subtle voice control

、更可以无限迭代升级 Super team , iterative upgrade

There is even a 1.19㎡ super large panoramic sunroof

Slam Dunk 10 days later download

Everyone wants to move faster

We are no exception

Satisfy your forward passion

MG ZS 16T Automatic Flagship Internet Edition

115.8 thousand yuan

SAIC NetBlue Blue Core Power Technology


In-cylinder direct-injection turbocharged engine

Aisin Intelligent Control 6AT

一键启动你的激情与速度 Starry grille , start your passion and speed with one click

Take all the spring

All rubbed into a trip

Turn all the words that can't stop into

Engine Sound with MG ZS

With a unified Z-generation temperament

都不如你 Make all wine worse than you

Datong Yunhai Roewe / MG4S Store

[SAIC Roewe] Huge Store Address: Southwest corner of Huge Automobile Park, east of the west extension of Nanhuan Road, Datong City

400-817-7152或2399399 Sales Hotline: 400-817-7152 or 2399399

601 庞大园区下车 Take the 601 and get off at the huge park in the city

[SAIC MG] Head Office Address: 300 meters north of the station exit of Datong Railway Station (No. 5 Zhanbei Street)

Sales Hotline: 400-919-1211 or 7161999

4路车、30路车、15路车、601路车、60路车 火车站 下车 You can take buses 4, 30, 15, 15, 601, and 60 to the train station in the city

0352-7127999 After-sales / road rescue hotline: 0352-7127999

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