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40 life experiences, which one do you regret not knowing earlier?

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Wang Xiaobo said: I live in the world, I just want to understand some truth, and meet something interesting. If I can, I will succeed in my life.


Except for the pain of leaving your own patient or relatives and friends, all other pains are brought to you by your own values.


Reading intently, reading impetuosity, and anxiety are all caused by the fact that he is getting older and he does n’t believe in the right way and is too utilitarian.


The person who really persists to the end does not rely on passion, but just likes and invests.


A person understands that what they can do is far more important than what they want to do. The former needs to set a realistic territory for himself. It is a best-effort diligence. The latter is a passion born of waywardness, often from the world. Ignorance and conceit.

A person must know himself clearly.


Cheap and cheap, there is no free lunch. Ask yourself before you can get anything if you can afford it.


What wakes you up in the morning shouldn't be the alarm clock, it shouldn't be the alarm clock, but it should have been yesterday morning.


People who are too hard, don't run far, don't take the marathon of life as a 100-meter sprint; love that is too hard not only makes you tired, but also the people around you.


"Nothing is wrong, don't take lightly. Go lightly, make mistakes."

Do n’t easily promise things that you are not sure about. If you do n’t, you will be wrong.


All the people of ancient and modern times are defeated with a word of inertia; all the people of ancient and modern times are defeated with a word of pride.


You don't have to look for contacts, the only thing you need to worry about is to practice your skills.


Never debate with others, and you will find it difficult to argue with others, because your positions are different, because there is no right or wrong, only rules, and only interests.

Different circles don't have to be fused.


Be in control of your own life, not let it go with you.


Cai Kangyong once said that when you were 15 years old, you found it difficult to swim and gave up swimming. At the age of 18, you met a person you like to ask you to go swimming, so you had to say, "I won't."

When you were 18, you found it difficult to give up English. When you were 28, you encountered a job that is very good and suitable for you but requires English. You have to say "I can't."

I always have to pay back when I come out. I was lazy in the early stage. I must spend several times to make up for it later. Unfortunately, it may not be enough.

The most terrible thing in life is to live with regret.


The accusations and complaints in marriage are not because "I love you" but because "I have poor emotional management."

The accusation is not love, but the killer of marriage.


Parents are not all right. Parental love is not all selfless.


Maturity is not the same as maturity. Knowing the world but not the world is the kindest maturity.


You are not as dependent on your parents as you think, but your parents are more dependent on you than you think.


Try not to bother others, and it's best if others don't bother me. This sentence is not indifferent, but mature.


Flying autumn

Be sure to say goodbye when you're separated, because saying goodbye, maybe you'll never see you again.


All the suffering that you feel unbearable and insurmountable at this moment, once you endure it, look back, but it is just a cloud.

twenty one

When your studies, work, and life are not going well, remember not to think of love as your life-saving straw.

twenty two

We always like to let nature go to perfuse the thorns and bumps in the road of life, but we rarely admit that the real letting nature go is not to force after doing everything we can, not to do nothing in one hand.

twenty three

Hearing people's faults, turning a blind eye to people's shortcomings, and failing to speak.

twenty four

See through, do n’t talk about, know people but do n’t comment on them, and know no arguments.

Criticism and humor are two different things, mouthlessness and frankness are two different things; uneducated and casual are two different things.


Don't talk about any related plans and ideas before people are successful. The world doesn't care about your self-esteem, it's just your achievement. Do not emphasize self-esteem until you have achieved it.


The world is not fair, and in some respects human beings live in an insurmountable gap.


There is something to be said, don't wait for the other party to understand, because the other party is not you, don't know what you want, wait until the end can only be sad and disappointed, especially the relationship.


Society is really cruel, the lower your ability and value, the faster you get eliminated.


The simplest but also the hardest thing: stay up late, read more books, drink more hot water, exercise more, and love someone with heart.


Marriage is not robbing the rich and helping the poor, and women must be economically independent. No matter how good a man is to you, it is true that you have it.


Both men and women must learn to do housework. Doing household chores is not a question of who is waiting for "who", but rather the skills of living independently.


Regardless of the usual relationship and the issue of money, it must be clearly divided.


Financial ability is directly proportional to the right to speak at home


It is necessary to take care of your body. The limitations that a poor body brings to you cannot be overcome by willpower.


Society is not so complicated. What is complicated is the human heart.


No matter what the outside world looks like, it can affect you, but there are a few people around you. Without the ability to change the world, at least choose who to walk with.


When you meet someone who never talks about a channel, you ca n’t talk about it. Do n’t try to force it. Do n’t try harder. In marriage, the spiritual door is more important than the material.

Three different perspectives, really can not get married.


Struggle means that every day is hard, but year by year, it is getting easier and easier; not struggling is easy every day, but day by day, it is getting harder and harder.


Whether it's work, life, or marriage, don't be jealous. There is no harm without contrast. Life is long, and you will have fatigue, irritability, and disappointment. After seeing the truth, please still love life.


The last truth is actually a paradox. No matter how much truth you have heard, you will not understand it when you have not experienced something or your mind has not reached this level.

Or, you think you understand, in fact, you do n’t understand yet, you still have to practice step by step.

Hopefully, every step you take is solid, strong, and not regretful.

Also, don't blindly believe the above words and practice the true knowledge.

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