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[Parent] Parents have these 19 bad habits that will mislead their children for a lifetime (quick self check)

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Bad habit 1: Impatient

Work is busy and stressful. When you come home and see the children are noisy and noisy, you finally can't help shouting: "How do you cry all the time! Don't cry, it's annoying!"

一个自尊并且尊重他人的孩子,一定是先得到成人的尊重。 Reminder: A child who respects and respects others must be respected by the adult first.

Bad habit 2: don't avoid

For many years of marriage, you and your lover often quarrel in front of your children for trivial matters.

我们的敌对、争吵,给孩子提供了一个攻击性行为的坏榜样。 Reminder: Our hostilities and quarrels provide children with a bad example of aggressive behavior.

Bad habit 3: too "generous"

You are diligent and thrifty, and you are reluctant to buy new clothes for yourself, but you are generous to the child and never teach him to save.

我们的这种“爱”,会使孩子只懂得得到,不懂得付出。 Reminder: Our "love" will make children only know how to get, but not how to give.

Bad habit 4: Don't care

Every day when you come home from work, you always ask your child, "How are you doing in kindergarten today?" While you are asking, you are busy cooking, organizing your room, or reading the newspaper.

我们的行为好像在告诉孩子:我并不关心你的答案。 Reminder: Our behavior seems to tell the child: I don't care about your answer. As a result, children feel disrespected from us and learn to perfuse others.

Bad habit 5: Don't admit it

Your child quarrels with other children for toys, and your punishment is a bit too heavy, but you want to: parents must be consistent in words and deeds, so they never take back the words.

我们犯了错误,拒不认错,孩子也跟着一错到底。 Reminder: We made mistakes, refused to admit them, and the child followed them to the end.

Bad habit 6: complaining

When your friend makes an appointment, you complain to your child and wife: "Don't ignore him in the future."

你让孩子看到,在面对失望的时候,我们没有积极地想办法解决问题,只是一味责备和埋怨别人。 Reminder: You let your child see that in the face of disappointment, we did not actively find a way to solve the problem, we just blame and blame others.

Bad habit 7: Not entertaining

The child is noisy asking you to tell him a story, but you are always busy with other things.

我们的行为举止使孩子明白了一个“道理”:生活中只有工作没有娱乐,家庭中只有家务没有游戏。 Reminder: Our behaviors make children understand a "reason": there is only work and no entertainment in life, and there is only housework and no games in the family.

Bad habit 8: Love disputes

You and your child line up at the supermarket waiting for payment. A woman is standing in front of you in line. You argue with her and finally quarrel.

我们的做法对孩子进行了错误的社交技能训练,使孩子误以为吵架、谩骂乃至打架都是解决冲突的好办法。 Reminder: Our approach has trained children with the wrong social skills, making them mistakenly think that quarrels, abuses, and even fights are all good ways to resolve conflicts.

Bad habit 9: lying, dodge

You are a member of the Kindergarten Parents Committee. The teacher asks you to help write a few small articles for use in the garden newspaper. But you have been very busy. Later, you called the teacher and told her that you were ill, and asked her to find other parents to write.

没有尝试就先退缩,孩子学会了把许诺抛之脑后,靠撒谎而使自己轻易推托。 Reminder: Withdraw without first trying. The child learns to put aside the promises and lie to make him easily dodge.

Bad habit 10: Spouse bad talk

The road to marriage has finally come to an end, and your heart is full of resentment towards the other party. So you count the other side of the 6-year-old daughter and tell your daughter, "Dad / Mom doesn't want you anymore, you will never ignore him / her again."

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这样做,孩子学会了恨和报复,更大的问题是,她会对自己一生的幸福都没有信心。 Reminder: By doing this, the child learns to hate and retaliate. The bigger problem is that she will not have confidence in her happiness in life.

Bad habit 11: disrespect for the elderly

In terms of marriage, your mother-in-law once obstructed you, so after marriage, you never respect the old man, never take your son to play with the old man, and often curse the old man in front of the child.

不为孩子树立孝敬的榜样,那么总有一天恶果会降临到你自己头上! Reminder: Do not set an example of respect for your children, then one day the evil will come to you!

Bad habit 12: littering

You are always accustomed to littering, and your wife will pack everything you throw away without ever having to worry about you.

这样,孩子也会养成把一切责任都推给别人的习惯。 Reminder: In this way, children will also develop the habit of pushing all responsibilities to others.

Bad habit 13: Inconsistent words and deeds

At home, you always encourage your children to learn Kong Rongren Pear, but on the bus, they grab seats with the elderly and children, or let the children climb to the sculpture and pose under the "No Entry" sign.

我们说一套,做一套,孩子长大后会很难坚守自己的道德操守。 Reminder: When we say one thing and do another, it will be difficult for children to keep up with their own ethics when they grow up.

Bad habit 14: Love comparison

You always say to your child, "Whoever is what, how, he is better than you!"

我们总是用别的小孩的标准来衡量自己的孩子,这会使孩子把注意力放在和别人比较上,长大之后做事就会轻易受其他人影响。 Reminder: We always use the standards of other children to measure our own children. This will make children focus on comparing with others, and when they grow up, they will be easily affected by others.

Bad habit 15: disorder

There was another traffic jam on the road. You drove the car over the emergency parking lane. The next 5-year-old daughter asks you, "Why do we go here?" You said, "There are no police and no cameras here, that's okay."

当我们在没人监督时违规,孩子就学会:只要不被抓住,做什么都可以。 Reminder: When we violate the rules when no one is supervising, the child learns: As long as we are not caught, we can do anything.

Bad habit 16: excessive care

You are so busy in the kitchen that your 6-year-old son comes in and wants to help, and you quickly push the child out of the kitchen: "Go and go, kids don't 'nosy,' while staying."

我们对孩子的“爱护”,让孩子认为一切都是父母的事。 Reminder: We "love" our children and make them think that everything is their parents' business.

Bad habit 17: Not convinced

At dinner, you tell your lover in anger in front of the child: "Xiao Wang has been promoted, what is so great about him, don't he know some computers ..."

我们不承认自己不如别人,孩子就学会以自我为中心,不思进取。 Reminder: We don't admit that we are inferior to others, and children learn to be self-centered and not enterprising.

Bad habit 18: Suppression of initiative

The 5-year-old son tried to open an alarm clock to see what happened. You couldn't help but be furious: "What do children understand? Don't move around!"

简单地说“不”只能破坏亲子关系,压抑孩子的能动性,迫使他们转入“地下活动”。 Reminder: Simply saying "no" can only destroy parent-child relationships, suppress children's initiative, and force them to switch to "underground activities."

Bad habit 19: even cheating and scaring

Your daughter is clamoring for a Barbie doll. If you want to stop her, you even deceived and said, "Disobedient, the police are here to arrest you", "Disobedient, Mom and Dad don't want you."

当孩子证明“自己被骗了”,以后就不再相信大人的话了…… Reminder: When the child proves that he “has been cheated”, he will no longer trust the words of adults ...

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