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How big is your alma mater in the HR of Japanese companies?

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You running around in various interviews may not have thought about it: your first impression has already given the HR of the company! Graduation college is the most direct business card . Through many years of interview experience, corporate personnel has already known the temperament of students in various famous schools. Want to know where your institution is in their hearts?

In the end, how do companies feel about students from various universities? Nikkei News Agency and Nikkei HR have conducted surveys on listed Japanese companies (655 companies, excluding foreign companies).

The theme of the survey is "Impressions of university personnel from colleges and universities in terms of personnel personnel", and each company's "action", "communication ability", "learning", and "ingenuity", etc. Graduates were evaluated.

Comprehensive ranking of corporate HR impressions on college students

Based on the scoring of action, communication ability, knowledge, and originality, the top 25 rankings of Japanese university students' comprehensive ranking are as follows:

TOP1 in the top ten Chinese Waseda private schools

According to the comprehensive ranking of student impressions, eight of the top ten are national universities. Private schools only have two top schools, Waseda and Keio. Waseda ranks a little higher than Keio.

Of the top 25, there are 2 public, 2 national, and 3 private schools. A total of 7 universities are from Kansai. No matter which one is a highly competitive university.

In terms of specific scores, the gap between the top scores is very weak. Kyoto University has won the top spot in the comprehensive ranking with originality first and academic second. Kyoto University's Nobel Prize winners are numerous and the leading research comprehensive university in Japan. It has an outstanding influence in business and society. Waseda, which is ranked No. 1 in the private sector, has determined its position on the list with high scores in communication skills and mobility.

The list of 26-100 schools is not one by one. Roughly speaking, there are 25 national universities, 3 public, and 47 private. Of course, this is also because the number of private universities in Japan is much larger than that of national public universities, accounting for about 77.2% of the total number of universities. Among the top 100 schools, national public universities are located in various parts of Japan, and private universities are mostly in the Kanto area.

Ranking of corporate personnel impressions on college students

Action force

The driving force is evaluated from three aspects: "enthusiasm", "subjective initiative" and "challenge spirit". The rankings are as follows:

Tokyo Foreign Studies University tops two

In terms of mobility, eight of the top ten are private. In this regard, private universities have achieved an overwhelming advantage. The first place at Tokyo Foreign Studies University has the highest scores in both subjective initiative and challenging spirit, which are inseparable from the purpose of Tokyo Foreign Studies University in fostering international talents.

The third-ranked Ryukoku University is located in Kyoto, Japan. It is a well-known private university founded in 1639 and the oldest comprehensive university in Japan.

Communication skills

The communication ability is mainly evaluated from three aspects: "communicative power", "pressure resistance" and "restraint force".

TOP10 is all private in Kansai, Tokyo

The Meiji Gakuin University's "Contribute to Others" concept and the training of foreign students at Kansai University of Foreign Studies have played a positive role in the scoring of these two schools in terms of communication skills. And the top ten are all private universities.


Gan Zhiru

This item of knowledge is evaluated in three aspects: "logical thinking", "high education" and "understanding". The rankings are as follows:

Center of Knowledge in the Old Empire

In this ranking, the national university has pulled back another city. Only the ninth place in Keio University is a private university, and all others are national universities. The University of Tokyo scored highest in all three surveys.


Originality is evaluated from three aspects: "creativity", "personality", and "ability to grasp key perspectives". The rankings are as follows:

Kyoto University ranked "free style"

If you look at the top 25, like the "learning" item, more than half of the schools are national universities. Among them, Kyoto University ranked first in all three evaluations.

Business expectations for students

In the recruitment season, corporate personnel will be in contact with various college graduates. So what kind of talents are the talents that enterprises expect? The following are suggestions from the personnel managers of various companies as seniors in personnel and society.

First, there is passion and can respond quickly and spontaneously to everything; second, focus on self-growth in a changing workplace; third, be able to integrate all aspects from members, partners, customers, etc Opinions to work with others.

Not only to communicate with friends of the same generation, but also to communicate with various people such as seniors, society, the elderly.

Construction industry

Proficient in academics and research, with learning ability and thinking ability. Although the work may not be exactly the same as the major studied, the thinking ability accumulated in the learning process will definitely be used in future work.


"With a stunt". In other words, keep curiosity and curiosity and learn extensively. Curiosity is an important driver of innovation.


Regardless of domestic and foreign, bold challenges are important qualities that "talents" should possess. Responsiveness, objectivity, beginnings and ends, and diversity are all worthy of attention.

Electrical machinery industry

Grow into society and realize the dreams and goals of your student days. To this end, we must accumulate a variety of experiences as a student, and keep our heart to continuously overcome difficulties and challenge high goals.

Conveying Machinery Industry

Don't be stubborn. If you stamp your feet enough, you won't always succeed, you will always fall. Therefore, when you have time in your student days, you must find what you want to do and excel at. By doing so, you will grow into a good self, and you will not force yourself in your life.

Chemical industry

Don't waste time and accumulate meaningful experiences for yourself in the future. "Exercise individuality" and hone "autonomy, coordination, thinking, and action" based on experience. Please always maintain a high sense of mission of “bearing the future”.


Does the suggestion of corporate HR give you some inspiration? Although the college background will more or less help your career path, whether you can win the final decision depends on how well you and the company fit. I hope everyone can become the talent that corporate HR looks forward to ~

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