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比德麦亚的铁线手捧花设计演示,没有详细的解释这种造型花束的来历,也可能是我没有听懂这部分的粤语内容是什么,仔细上网搜了一圈发现对古典比德麦亚的介绍少之甚少,对于它是欧洲最为传统的花型却不能轻易的搜到溯源资料感到伤心,只能一点点查阅了解先。 Today, Wen Qing asked about the design of Classic Biedermeier. The teacher had previously done a demonstration of the design of the wire bouquet of classical Biedermeier. Without explaining the origin of this bouquet in detail, it may I did n’t understand what the Cantonese content of this part was. I searched the Internet carefully and found that there is very little introduction to classical Demea. It is the most traditional pattern in Europe. Feeling sad, only a little bit to understand first.

In the afternoon, the small group discussed that classical Biedermeier is a hybrid method that is not coupled with the production method, such as whether it is flower mud or iron wire or pure hand-tied bouquets. (If this is not correct, I hope someone will leave a message with me to discuss, if there are discrepancies, I will update this article)

The comment on the "Biedermeier floral arrangements" wiki is this

Biedermeier is apparantly also a term for flower arrangements employing concentric circles of different types of flowers.

A quick internet search for Biedermeier AND flowers yields many catalogues, flower shops, and magazine articles, but no explanation of the history of the term as such. Any thoughts?

It also does not introduce more information, and also proposes a lack of interpretation of the classical Biedermeier history of floral art . To put it simply, use different flowers to make concentric circles. This is consistent with the above description of the teacher's lesson plan, all flowers are inserted to the same point, so as to make an all-round spherical surface, and its shape is naturally hemispherical. So according to the teacher, isn't it a hemisphere, or isn't it strictly classical Biedermeier?

I will continue to follow up on these ambiguities. Here are some bouquet design appreciations that I found based on my current understanding of classical Biedermeier design. Because the content is relatively scattered, mostly from pinst, the author name could not be found.

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After waiting for the teacher to reply and continue searching, there will be the next update.

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