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Sorrowful, take care of yourself

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A daydream, the eight-character drunk

This is "Drunk Man" Issue 053

Text: Network Synthesis

Picture: Tianxia Yuyuan and Simingshan Highway

One day, you will smile at the pain of the past. You will thank the person who left you. He is not worthy of your love, your kindness, or your infatuation. After all, he was not the one destined. Fortunately he is not.

You feel that you are ordinary and incompetent, and may occupy the whole world of someone. Therefore, whether you are happy or not, you must be happy; whether you are important or not, it is important.

In any case, it is not forgivable for a person to degenerate by reason. The more no one loves, the more he must love himself.

Not caring about or intervening in the private affairs of others, allowing others to have a different moral outlook, lifestyle, and themselves, which will eliminate more than 90% of the world ’s troubles.

If you think more about your own mistakes, you will gradually forget the mistakes of others. There is no right or wrong, but the positions are different.

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The difference between people is because the accumulation is a little worse every day, and finally one day you find that I have lost so much.

If you don't do your best, you are not qualified to criticize others. It's easy to complain, but people who work hard to shut up are even more respectable.

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