vip.hg158f.com Send your grief in the Ching Ming Festival to see how the people in Dongguan spend the festival ...

Send your grief in the Ching Ming Festival to see how the people in Dongguan spend the festival ...

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Just after Qingming holiday

But nostalgia, nostalgia

Still haunting many people's hearts


Let ’s review together

In this Qingming Festival

How do people in Dongguan pin their grief

Millions of people participated in "Online Martyrs"

This year, according to the requirements of China Civilization Network, Dongguan Civilization Network swiftly moved to set up a special page of "Online Worship of Heroes" to guide everyone to remember the martyrs, put their grief, and aspire to serve the motherland.

As soon as the page was launched, people from all walks of life responded enthusiastically. Citizens, especially teachers and students from schools such as Wancheng and Mayong, presented flowers to the martyrs and wrote down their feelings, "Salute to the people's heroes! Cherish today's happy life" ... as of April 5 At 6 o’clock in the evening, the amount of flowers offered by "Online Martyrs" hit 12,20,432 person-times!

Border guards revisit party vows

In the afternoon of March 30, more than 50 officers and soldiers at the Dongguan People ’s Park and Dongguan Border Checkpoint cleaned up the surrounding martyrs ’monument, presented wreaths and flowers to the revolutionary martyrs, took off their hats and stood in silence for 3 minutes.

Later, in front of the monument, the officers and soldiers revisited the party's oath, swore an oath to the party flag, expressed the determination and belief of the frontier patriarch, sacrifice and remember the revolutionary martyrs, sharpen the blood of soldiers, and temper the quality of loyalty.

Dongzong Memorial Museum

At 10:00 a.m. on April 1, the Memorial Hall of Dongjiang Column of Guangdong Province held a flower-raising event for the Qingming Festival, "Remembering the Martyrs and cherishing the Martyrs". A square team composed of nearly 400 people representing the armed police officers and soldiers of the Guangdong Provincial Corps Training Base, Guangdong Innovation and Technology Vocational College, Dalingshan Town Third Primary School, Dalingshan Dingdang Kindergarten students, and people from all walks of life, deeply remembering the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japan Victorious revolutionary martyrs and national heroes who gave their lives.

Shi Yan collectively celebrates heroes and ambitions

On April 1, the "2017 Our Festival in Dongguan-Heroes of the Qingming Festival" was held in the Yuan Chonghuan Memorial Garden, collectively commemorating the patriotic patriarch Yuan Chonghuan, and recited commemorative poems to express high respect to historical sages.

Yuan Chonghuan was born in Shuinan Village, Shijie. Dongguan is relying on the Yuan Chonghuan Memorial Park to start the construction of the Yuan Chonghuan Museum. The large-scale epic TV series "Yuan Chonghuan" is expected to be launched in the mainstream TV channels in China this fall. Yang Xiaotang, member of the Standing Committee of Dongguan Municipal Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, attended the ceremony.

Wan Jiang to the Monument of Revolutionary Martyrs

On the morning of March 31, Wanjiang Street carried out the "Qingming Festival to the Martyrs" patriotism education and practice activities, organized students from a number of primary schools to the People's Park Martyrs Cemetery for grave sweeping activities.

At the same time, organize cadres and staff, and volunteers of Internet civilization communication to log in to the special page of "Online Worship of Heroes" on the website of Dongguan Wenming.com, and conduct online worship by offering flowers and leaving messages.

Memorial memorial for veterans of Wancheng

Bull Novels in Silkworm Cocoons of Wuji World

On April 1, more than 600 representatives of veterans from Dongguan and relatives of martyrs came to the memorial ceremony of martyrs at the Guanzhao Tomb of Martyrs in Yuanbaoshan, Dongguan People's Park. The veterans offered a flower and a glass of spirits to worship their former comrades. Solemn bowing and deep sacrifice sacrifice, reflecting the veterans 'nostalgia for the martyrs, and comforting the martyrs' spirit in heaven.

Completed in 2011, this Guanyi Martyr's Garment was built in 3 years by self-financing from more than 3,000 veterans in Dongguan.

Mayong Opens Ceremony for Revolutionary Martyrs

On April 1, Mayong Town organized party cadres, school teachers and students, and representatives of various industries to launch a memorial ceremony for revolutionary martyrs in the town's cultural square. In the solemn national anthem, more than 300 people stood in reverence against the wall of revolutionary martyrs.

Dongkeng organizes grave sweep in memory of revolutionary martyrs

On March 30, Dongkeng Town organized various representatives of the society to go to the Dongkeng Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Park to carry out grave-grave sacrifices and patriotic education activities. Before the "Martyrdom of Zhengkeng Eighteen Martyrs Monument", representatives from all walks of life reviewed the heroic revolutionary deeds of the Dongjiang Column and offered wreaths to the martyrs, and expressed their deep condolences and high respects to the revolutionary martyrs.

Gao Ling Repairing the Tomb of the Martyr

On the morning of April 1st, Gaocheng Town launched the "Qingming Festival Sweeping Heroes" and held the completion ceremony of Li Yizhi, Li Yunxiang's tomb, and monument repair. More than 1,000 members of the leadership team of Gaocheng Town, family members of martyrs, veterans and families of Dongjiang Columns, village (community) leaders, teachers and students, etc. participated in the event.

Schools to worship the heroes and thank you for a happy life

On March 30, the fourth grader of Shajiao Elementary School in Humen Town wore a red scarf to the Shajiao Fort, and carried out mourning and grave-sweeping activities at the "Seven Warriors' Stele" and "Jiefangyi Grave".

On the afternoon of March 30, the National Guard of Guangdong Medical University and Dalang Experimental Primary School came to the Memorial Hall of Dongjiang Column to hold a memorial service.

On the morning of April 1st, Wancheng Central Primary School branch organized more than 400 teachers, students, and students in grades four, five, and six to go to Dongguan People's Park to carry out the Qingming Festival grave-sweeping activity with the theme of "Remembering the Martyrs of the Revolution and Thanks for Happy Life".

Citizens' fresh flowers are presented to ancestors

"Flowers offer ancestors to plant trees and green ancestral graves" "Sacrifice and abundance is not as good as raising one" ... In recent years, Dongguan has actively created a new trend of civilized, safe, green, and environmentally friendly sacrifices. The concept of civilized sacrifices has been deeply rooted in the hearts of citizens. For example, this year the Chayuanshan Cemetery will continue to use the previous "flower exchange" method, calling on citizens to replace firecrackers and other supplies with flowers to guide more citizens to sweep the civilization and green festivals.

Pass on the spirit of heroism and resolve to serve the motherland

Ching Ming Festival is over

But nostalgia and gratitude will be buried in my heart

Uplifting spirit

Will be rooted in each of us

Work together for my dream and the development of Dongguan

Source: Dongguan Civilization Network, etc.

Graphic editor: Liang Shujuan

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