www99hg_com。 This jade auction sold 46.49 million. Where did the rest of the jade jade stones go?

This jade auction sold 46.49 million. Where did the rest of the jade jade stones go?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Pretty school principal


The beauty of emerald is the leader of decorative gems!

In the Poly Spring Auction, there was a fine plain jade pendant with a retail price of HK $ 46.49 million. Let's see his true face of Lushan

Above are plain jade pendants

Let's see what it looks like

The above is the original stone of the pendant part

What about other scraps?

Of course, it is not a car bead. The first choice is a bracelet. After some deliberation, a perfect yuan bar can be produced in the end.

The above is the yuan bracelet, its value is not inferior to the color surface pendant. The rich have bought it and paired it with their purple stripe. For a single bracelet, the total price has already exceeded 30 million.

Since a bracelet is naturally indispensable, what do you think the bracelet core will be used for?

And there is more!

Ruili also has many such rough stones, the color of the emperor, you can also own, details can be private

Just make a pendant, haha! Nothing brand, beans, bamboo and more!

If the shape is square and round, make the noodle and egg noodles.

It is also very beautiful to make a necklace and a ring! such as

Pretty, the beautiful jadeite is beautiful, beautiful and beautiful, but I believe you can be so beautiful if you wear it, so outstanding and beautiful!


———— END ————

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