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Did you buy a fake breathing air cushion?

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Breathing air cushion beauty in March except Xintiandi

This was told when the planning version was just released ~

Everyone expresses the girlish heart that can't stop talking

Hurry up and buy a home

But a friend asked Xiaobian in the background yesterday

He said he bought a fake air cushion

Because the air cushion is steel, not the sponge model tested last time! !! !!

Actually ~

Not everyone encountered fakes ~

This air cushion originally has two versions ~

Let me give you some science today ~

See the picture below ~

This is the box of steel air cushion and sponge air cushion ~

The steel cushion box is relatively short ~

The sponge air cushion is relatively high

This is because the replacement of the sponge air cushion is plastic packaging

Replacement of steel air cushion is packed in carton

Replacement of steel plate is greater than replacement of sponge

So the two air cushion boxes are not universal!

Let's take a look at the English name.

Sponge is "glow cover ..."

The steel plate is "dazzling moist ..."

Both are replacements

Quite affordable to use

No different on the side

The next step is to show the difference ~

The structure of the air cushion is different after opening it first.

The replacement of the steel air cushion is significantly larger than the replacement of the sponge ~


The sponge cushion has been tried by Xiaobian.

If you want to know, you can go to the previous air cushion evaluation ~

The breathing cushion is still quite moist ~

In fact, there were two versions of the air cushion in May last year ~

Both sponge and steel plate ~

This is a photo of steel air cushion and replacement

The steel plate really feels clean.

The two replacements are shown in the figure ~

The air cushion used by Xiaobian last year has not been used up ~

Previously it was golden and beige packaging design ~

Judging by date

It's all fresh dates this year ~

So after watching

Even if you buy a steel air cushion or a sponge air cushion ~

Don't worry about it ~

As for the difference between steel plate air cushion and ordinary sponge air cushion

I also told you many times that there is a press pump under the general steel plate air cushion ~

In other words, everyone uses a few amount ~

Do n’t waste too much even if your hands shake

And the steel plate air cushion has also avoided the breeding of bacteria to a certain extent ~

More hygienic to use ~

But the steel air cushion feels incomplete.

This is very embarrassing for OCD ~

And when I tap, the liquid foundation likes to focus on a certain point ~

Maybe more troublesome to use

In short, each has pros and cons ~

The air cushion is so powerful

Which one you choose depends on your mood!

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