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"Flying" means "cultivation", and I hope to see myself better ...

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Back to Ming Dynasty when the king txt download

Why are you a stewardess?

Because that beautiful uniform can travel for free and travel thousands of miles, and the salary of the flight attendant is very attractive ... At that time, our knowledge of the flight attendant profession was superficial and practical.

Indeed, there is a stewardess dream in the hearts of many people. That beautiful uniform alone is enough to seduce. Traveling between the blue sky and white clouds every day, walking around the corner of the world, and putting all the beauty of the world in my heart, what kind of romance will it be?

After a lot of effort and finally becoming a flight attendant, you will find that the days of the flight attendant are not as beautiful as you think. Get up at four o'clock to fly to the morning shift and end the evening shift at one or two in the morning. Cleaning the toilets, preparing meals, being scolded by travelers, being misunderstood by colleagues, suddenly getting sick during the flight .........

How many times went to the bathroom and cried, thinking, where is this romantic blue sky dream, clearly a nightmare!

I thought about shrinking, I thought about giving up, but I just didn't want to. Forget it, stick to it.

Time shuttle, you persisted year after year. This job has gradually taught you a lot of things, and you find that your mood is completely different. Before starting to wake up in a city, you can see the different scenery of the city; returning home after falling asleep in a city, you can experience a different tranquility. I have never been able to do household chores, and now I am a master of life without a teacher. I really want to thank the flight attendant for this thick textbook.

Of course, the real charm of this job is far from here. "It's better to read thousands of books than walk thousands of miles; walk thousands of miles to read countless people!" You find that now you are doing this. The path this job has taken can really go around the earth several times. Fortunately, this job also has the opportunity to make us countless people.

On the flight, there are people with expectations, some with loss; some with joy, some with sorrow; some with elegance, some with vulgarity; some with tolerance, some with narrowness ... A small cabin is more like a miniature society, no Go out and read the world. Importantly, through this microcosm, you will clearly understand what kind of person you are? What kind of person are you going to be?

Learn to listen, you will become more sincere; learn to be patient, you will become more forgiving; learn to understand, you will become more kind ... Treat each difficulty as a challenge, you will become stronger.

The stewardess is beautiful, and this beauty is not only from the appearance, but also from their inner.

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"Flying" means "practicing". You and I are on a road that is slowly getting better, and I hope to see myself better ...

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