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Zheng Shuang is hot again, and the prosthesis on his face has been removed

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Medic's leisurely life

Recently, netizens reported that Zheng Shuang had taken out the prosthesis on his face, and Zheng Shuang after removing the prosthesis on his face, the return of his face value was almost against the sky!

Photos before removing the prosthesis

After taking out the prosthesis, Zheng Shuang had a more natural face, which was simply beautiful!

Netizens have said that Zheng Shuang is too beautiful after taking out the prosthesis, and is back to the peak of face value!

Do you like Zheng Shuang before cosmetic surgery or Zheng Shuang after cosmetic surgery?

Hi, girls and fairies, let's talk about short hair today. Girls who have cut short hair all around say that short hair is a no-go. Today we will take a look at the contrast before and after the short haircut of the actresses . Do you remember Jin Gaoyin who looks flat and doesn't have prominent features? With long hair, even if she sculpts her styling, she belongs to the mediocre face that cannot be found in the crowd ...

In "Cheese Trap", a wavy brown curly hair and sheep bangs always look at how wicked. But in "Ghost", the high-gold and silver-haired girl who lost her heavy long hair was transformed into a vigor girl. She was cute and lovely, and healed !

Cut it short again, and the sharp and sharp style will hit you in minutes ...

Speaking of cutting short hair salted fish can also stand up and talk about Guo Caijie! The picture below tells you what is no recognition, how many passers-by? Add micro signal shou806 to teach you to easily lose weight to 90 pounds

And determined to cut short hair, Guo Caijie immediately owned the Queen's aura!

It is said that I later became addicted to short hair and could not extricate myself, claiming that I could not go back!

...有姑娘能认出她吗? The most classic is this Korean Uni ... Can any girl recognize her?

Waking up is completely unrecognized anyway! !!

After all, people look like this now ~

Gao Junxi still has short hair, fashionable and gorgeous.

Short hair is really addictive! Cut to the shoulder and look forward to another 3 inches short

If you change your lob short hair, you will start to YY the boy's head.

100,000 benefits of short hair

① All of a sudden it gets taller

Short hair can increase the head-to-body ratio, the same height, the longer the hair, the longer the head looks. The picture on the left tells you what is the height of 1.8 meters and the head length of 1 meter!

② Short hair shows a lot of hair

Short hair is super suitable for girls who do n’t have much hair, and babies with flat heads no longer need to worry. Waking up every day your hair will never become flat again.

③ Not afraid of mess in the wind

You with long hair, painted with lip glaze, looking forward to the beautiful picture in my mind. Then in reality, you are in the right position ... you cut your short hair, no matter how strong the wind blows, you do n’t have to worry about the mess in the wind!

③ also saved money

For short-haired girls, whether it is a shampoo conditioner or a hair mask, the saved money is estimated to buy a square meter room, and the fun of standing and washing your hair ~ Oops, long-haired girls may never understand ~

What kind of person can cut short hair without a word?

The legendary theory: if the vertical distance from under the ear to the chin is shorter than 5.7 cm, then you are the face with the lower half of the face not too "heavy", so short hair can better set off your beauty! A girl with thin hair and a small amount of hair, it is just right to cut her hair shortly, wash her hair and dry it without fear of frizz, and she wo n’t be afraid of exploding when she wakes up.

You took Gao Yuanyuan's picture, but it became Gao Xiaosong?

Except that stylists may be poisonous, you may not know yourself!

Look round girl!

Chinese people probably have the most round faces, so let's talk about round faces first. Naturally born faces, rounded and soft lines, and you who have a small amount of bone in your face are the most suitable to sell cute and tender. If you don't like the feeling of tumbling, stop cutting your hair to the shoulder or neck ~ The light and airy lob head can neutralize the childish look.

Knock on the blackboard here: Be sure to avoid the thick and neat hair ends, not to have a thick inward roll or one-size-fits-all bangs in the roundest position on your face! That will only set off your round face lines. The following figure is an example of an error. I have covered my face, but how do I look at it?

Compared with the inner buckle, the curled out short hair can remove other people's attention from your face, which is fashionable and energetic.

The bangs can be very flexible. The side split, oblique bangs, and Qiao Mei's M-type air bangs can make your face narrower and enlarge your femininity wirelessly.

Girl with square face look here!

Girls with high cheekbones and large jaws talk about short hair, and their hearts are more square than their faces. In fact, as long as you have a good grasp of your temperament, avoiding the neat edges of Xiao Wanzi, a symmetrical hairstyle like a helmet, it is also possible to cut short hair. Li Yuchun's dark history:

It's better to have a messy line ~

Fall in Love

The most suitable hairstyle for a square face is a side or partial bob head. The tail of the hair just blocks the mandible, and the oblique bangs can block the temperament. Seeing that Keira Knightley cut the side of the bob head and lightly covered the mandible, his face was finally not so square!

If you want to be more feminine, you can come up with a layered micro-curly hair, fake casual, really thoughtful. In the song of joy, Andy has a manly big BOSS image. I really want to thank this micro-curly hair for his ability and seductiveness.

What about a girl with a wide face?

Some people say that you ca n’t cut your hair with a wide face? You double Gao Junxi's face P

Sun Yan's face is also very wide, but I only heard that her large forehead never heard her big face.

Because her face is long, she is more suitable for refreshing short hair than long hair.

Short, wide face shapes often give the impression of a large face. Knock on the blackboard again: Baby with a wide face, please abandon the regular Qi bangs, especially the one size fits all . Seeing Selina Gomez turned into a square box under the cover of Qi Liu Hai ... still the big bangs on the side of the forehead are suitable for big round faces, but cute and a little sexy.

Girl with big forehead

Yang Mi wasn't afraid of having no hairline and was at ease. Like the broken bangs of the sauce purple, blocking the hairline and revealing forehead, hurry up to learn without thanks.

This kind of bangs has a random messy elegance. No more, there is something like hairline shadow powder ~

Girl with too narrow forehead

The girl with a narrow forehead is suitable for messy airy bangs. She slightly blocks her forehead and then loosens her hair to make her head fuller.

What about the big cheekbones? When looking at Liu Tao's side, the cheekbones are the best shots! The side-folding micro-bangs can soften the edges of the face and cushion the strong cheekbones!

Finally, wake up and tell the girls: Don't try to cut into other people easily. Gao Junxi's short hair is beautiful because it grows on Gao Junxi's face. If you want to cut a hairstyle that suits you, you still have to communicate with the stylist ~

The copyright belongs to the original creator, please contact us if there is any infringement!

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