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[Experience of postgraduate research in engineering] The successful road to the postgraduate research in industrial design of Beijing Institute of Technology

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Sharer: Zhu Aoqi ( Students of Shouyou 17 Summer Vacation Sprint Class)

Undergraduate institution: Anhui University of Technology

Postgraduate admission institution: Beijing Institute of Technology

Design theory: 138 points, total 389 points

...... 应该说还是蛮有用的吧,毕竟三年来的教室生涯大多数时间都贡献给手机了,应该都不大适应看书写字的感觉,无聊之余当消遣看看, hold 不住的时候也能给自己打打气。 At this time last year, I should have just begun to become a member of the postgraduate entrance examination army. I remember that I was busy harassing seniors and sisters to consult the postgraduate experience every day. Various online postgraduate examination experiences have been read more than once or twice ... ... It should be quite useful, after all, most of my classroom career in the past three years has been contributed to mobile phones, and I should not adapt to the feeling of reading and writing. When I'm bored, I will take a look at it, and I ca n’t hold it. I can cheer myself up. But, but! !! I would like to say that the postgraduate entrance examination is a long-lasting battle of fighting. Others can learn from the experience. After all, the road still has to go by itself. As long as you enter the state earlier and summarize your own set of warfare, there is no need to move hard and imitate others.

Personally, I think three things I think are the most important-- state, efficiency, and persistence.

早些进入学习状态很关键,我所说的学习状态不是后期的那种一天只睡四个小时的拼命状态,要知道让自己从一个焦躁自由的状态转变到不谙世事的状态需要一定的缓冲期,当你不会因为看着专业书睡着,不会做着阅读理解发呆的时候那你才是真正进入状态。 It ’s critical that both the learning state and the physical state go online to enter the learning state earlier. The learning state I am talking about is not the hard state of only sleeping for four hours a day in the later period. You must know to change yourself from a restless and free state to not谙 The state of world affairs requires a certain buffer period. When you do not fall asleep because you are looking at a professional book, you are not in a daze of reading comprehension, then you are really in the state. Not to mention the state of your body, the more you cherish life in the later stages, for fear that you will have less of a set of real questions today due to a small cold.

如果你每天熬夜只睡四五个小时而只能达到你同学一个白天的工作量的话那你还不如早点去睡觉,或者说找一找自身的方法问题。 Efficiency is the key. If you stay up all night and sleep for only four or five hours a day and can only reach the workload of your classmates during the day, then you might as well go to bed earlier, or find your own method. Although the postgraduate entrance examination is an endurance battle, it is also important to pay attention to the equivalence of input and output. The method is very important. Reading comprehension is always done wrong or always done. If it is wrong, go to the teacher to explain the problem-solving skills and methods, understand the summary and then understand, from qualitative change to quantitative change is more effective than quantitative change to qualitative change.

真正到最后才会发现那些真正坚持的人的结果都不会差,当然我说的是真正坚持的人,那些复习半天玩半天或者看书草草的人可能真的是在浪费时间。 In the final analysis, you still have to stick to the end and you will find that the results of those who stick to it will not be bad. Of course, I am talking about those who stick to it. Those who review and play for a long time or read a book may be a waste of time. . The choice at the beginning is very important. If you do n’t take the exam, do n’t hold the attitude of trying, and force yourself with a determination that you wo n’t die. How long can you do that? how?

After setting up my determination and attitude, I would like to talk about the choice of colleges. For some students with clear goals, this problem does not exist, but for those who are hesitant to know which college to choose. A very important question (I am a serious example). Early determination of colleges and universities is important for review planning and study arrangements because each school has different requirements for the number of majors. For example, there are seven or eight books to be read by Beili. This requires us to prepare as much as possible in advance. If it is not clear, what is currently being done is to spend a lot of time collecting data every day, and select three options from the broad aspects of geographic conditions, college advantages, and subject advantages (this is a huge project. Consult the teacher, test (Seniors, seniors and even some tutoring classes have lectured in various channels. I remember that I spent almost half a month at the same time trying to get the test I wanted in several schools thoroughly). After screening the schools, you can go crazy and learn about the relevant information of each school. Of course, the most effective channel is to find the seniors and senior sisters who have passed the test. There are also relevant tutoring classes and exchange groups near the college. There will be a lot of them. You can also learn about some of the competitors ’information. In the name of buying some information, you can learn more from the great gods who have passed the test or sell some information to the seniors who have passed the test. I used these methods to learn from several senior siblings.) Even when the college retests every year, you can go to the site to experience it. It is also possible to know some senior siblings. In short, it is best to go as far as possible. Have a thorough understanding of the college information you want to apply for. The final college will be determined by September at the latest, as related professional books will be required after September. of course! No matter if you are not sure, before the summer vacation, you need to read a wide range of professional books when you are not nervous. You should read more about the library. Basically, you need to read the design history of any college. You should read more books before the summer vacation. Read more! !! Organize the holidays, in September you can endorse according to your own routine. In view of my own lessons and the experience of the surrounding classmates, I must clearly define my goals as soon as possible, do not hesitate to hesitate, look forward to the future, and steadfastly take the test. There is an example around me. A roommate started to take a test at Huda. After attending all training courses at Huda since the junior year, he lost his confidence because of the decrease in the enrollment quota of Huda. 1:20 的样子,北理每年报考人数一两千,不要被庞大的数字吓到,只要你真的有在拼,你一定就会成为那个分母。 In fact, no matter which college you apply for, the registration ratio is hovering at 1:20 . Beili enrolls one to two thousand people each year. Don't be scared by the huge numbers. As long as you really work hard, you will definitely become That denominator.

Talk about my review planning and arrangement (still that way, take your own path, the one that suits you is the best)


   In fact, the postgraduate entrance examination English must be said to be full of routines. In a nutshell, it is to learn accumulation and skills.

I like to learn English frequently. I think it ’s the attitude of learning English that keeps me learning English well. ... 早晨起床拿过来读一读,没事的时候反复回顾。 During the whole review process, I prepared several notebooks, large and small, such as the use of different meanings of some commonly used words, good sentences for reading articles, and summary of the skills to do the questions ... I woke up in the morning to read it, and repeated it when I was fine. review.

(1) Words

In terms of words, I feel that I have been in a state of groping. I have bought a thick red book from junior year and started to do it in half a semester. I have carried it back three or four times, but I have to say that I have done a lot. It's useless. At the beginning, it only relies on understanding memory, which is very inefficient. In the later period, some new Oriental teacher's word memory methods were used, and the compressed version was used to repeatedly review the rules of brain memory before waking up and going to bed every day. Anyway, the obstacles would be much smaller when reading at least seven or eight times at the end. However, from some later experience, summing up and memorizing words from the real questions is the most effective method. This is a suggestion for New Oriental Teacher Zhu Wei's love, and the high-frequency vocabulary of the real questions is also very good. It is helpful to memorize and understand, and because of the limited time later, I haven't had time to read it. It's also helpful to record words anywhere and anytime.

(2) Reading comprehension

Postgraduate reading is the big head, and it is also the place where the postgraduate English routine is the most. At first I thought that I had a good background in English and I always used the college entrance examination, but I found that I always made mistakes, and my self-esteem was seriously frustrated. Then I finally downloaded some online courses on the advice of my classmates. Later, I followed the online courses of New Oriental It can be said to benefit a lot. If you can ensure that you don't be absent from studying English, you can apply for classes, but personally feel that online courses are more affordable because you can review them repeatedly. After reading, I followed Mr. Tang Chi from New Oriental. From the previous big strategy to the summary of the skills of each article, I really talked so well that I couldn't extricate myself from his personal charm. After listening to a few articles, I will summarize the thinking of the postgraduate entrance examination reading. This is quite important. When I grasp the thinking and read the article, I will not read through the whole blind like when I did not understand it, but will follow the questions. The human mind grasps the key points. I really suggest that children's shoes that can't hold the reading should not waste the real questions. Brushing the questions over and over again is really better than doing a set of real questions for ten days and repeating it! understanding! to sum up! At that time, I practiced reading after listening to Mr. Tang Chi's analysis one by one, and then strung it myself, and then excerpted and organized the words, making difficult sentences. It really takes three to four hours to digest a well-finished reading. The summary is very important! Therefore, personally, there is no time and necessity for simulation. If it is early, the real questions from the first ten years from March to April are used as the train of thought. In August and September, we will focus on the real questions for the past ten years, and do a set of one week.

(3) Translation and composition

After a whole set of review, I followed the course of New Oriental. At that time, I bought a set of online courses on the Internet. After translating, I also learned from the teacher of New Oriental Tang Jing in October. I personally feel that this kind of long-term accumulation The sooner things start, the better. Compared to groping on their own for a limited period of time, it is more efficient to follow the teacher to use some methods, especially English one. Each test question is full of routine traps. Of course, it is necessary to review and summarize repeatedly. . As with reading, a corresponding notebook is also prepared to do, change, reorganize, review, and summarize. The composition is constantly memorizing. I bought Wang Jiangtao's composition and began to recite it from September. Ten essays, twenty predictions, and the previous real questions essay backed dozens of articles back and forth ten times. In the later period, understanding can be used in the end.

Water drifting handed down

Completion, reading, and matching are all a routine in the final analysis. It is important to master the problem-solving ideas. From the perspective of the person making the question, the so-called understanding of some transitions, obedience, and part of speech. It is written on a napkin (because writing is better in that way) and there is a thick stack at the end, which will be turned over before each question.






Political studies have been followed by online courses. In July, I started listening to New Oriental Teacher Yang Ganing ’s basic courses and gained a general grasp of politics. In September, I began to strengthen the course studies. Ma Yuan listened to Mr. Zhao Yisheng. Mao Zhongte was special Recommended by Xu Tao, and spoke very well. When listening to the lesson, you must choose a teacher you like. The online teachers are very humorous. I took a long time to compare and select these teachers who feel good about them. The basic review is to finish reading English early in the morning and start watching video explanations of political knowledge points planned daily, and then summarize them. The catalogue of political outlines is very important. It is not logical to let yourself be confused. After listening, you must sort it out by yourself. I spent too much time watching online lessons at that time. I didn't start buying the syllabus and doing a thousand questions until mid-October, and then I finished it in the middle of November. I do n’t need to buy a lot of materials in the early period, I ca n’t finish them. I brush over a thousand questions a few times, and repeatedly scrutinize the knowledge points with a political outline. In the early period, I did n’t deliberately go over politics. The political highlights really arrived in mid-to-late November. Xiao Xiurong's current affairs, eight sets of rolls, and four sets of rolls should be bought as soon as possible. The multiple-choice questions can be practiced on the basis of a few times. Summary analysis should not be hit too hard by the number of mistakes each time. You do n’t need to take the time to write big questions by yourself, learn the answer ideas and routines. There are many specific online templates of small red books and small yellow books. You can buy a copy of the answer template. You ca n’t lose a set of formulas like mathematics. Too much. Try to memorize Xiao Xiurong's eight sets of papers before December, because after the four sets of papers come out again, you will find that many things have been memorized, just integrate some knowledge points and recite. ..... After December, current affairs are the most terrible. They are just things that come out. You need to keep on backing hard. You will enjoy the feeling that you will vomit your bile back .....


Professional Course

Bei Li's theoretical major exams should be the most in all colleges and universities. Wang Shouzhi's "Modern Practical History of the World", Sun Yuanbo's "Human Factors Foundation and Design", Jian Zhaoquan's "Industrial Design Methodology", Norman "Design Psychology", Jiang Xiangyun's "Design Materials and Processing Technology", and Xu Xihua's "Introduction to Design", these books are basically must-see, and each book is focused. Professional course bibliographies must be read at least once based on their own understanding and combined with some review materials to sum up and summarize themselves, so it is important to determine the school in advance. In this case, you can read as much as possible before September to understand, I was in nine I only decided to take Bei Li in the month, so it was very painful at the beginning, there were many things, and there was a lot of information, and I had to keep querying the information. It was very irritating to review, but fortunately, in the guidance of many senior students, Your own plan is gradually entering the state.

(1) The book must be read through, and must not stay on the surface, let alone rely on materials. Do n’t read each book as an extra-curricular book just because you asked for too many exams, and you ’re done. Feel like you understand it and go to the next one. I have a classmate near me and I have read several books. I felt that I did n’t have a book to read, and I went to the Internet to buy a new book to see. In the early stage, I read books in many aspects, but I did n’t seek more for the postgraduate professional book, but for refinement, the book must be read and summarized repeatedly. It is impossible for the book to be fused together if we read it one or two times. Only on the basis of reading through it can we say that we can form our own design understanding. In fact, I am relatively fortunate that Beibei has passed so many professional books. On the one hand, I learned how to read books through the entire review. What is more important is that I understand design, human-machine, psychological, material, and environmental aspects from different aspects Looking at the design, in fact, the later you will find that every aspect is similar. With learning and utilization, you will find that whether it is the final written test or the retest interview, you can see yourself in all aspects.

(2) History must be memorized, and the introduction must be read regardless of whether or not the test is taken. In fact, Beili is okay, because as long as you read books about human factors, methodologies, psychology, and materials, you can come into contact with them and summarize a lot of general things, which is extremely helpful for writing a dissertation. It is also an example of the classmates around her. In the past year, the application school only tested the design history. She carried the design history back and forth more than ten times, but the final examination reform appeared. The answer to the short answer question was to lower her theoretical score. If the bibliography is not too much, you must take a look at the introduction to the design, and use professional terms to answer the question. You need to pay attention to the fact that the general content can be read after the historical theory. There is no theoretical basis. Under the premise of early reading will be boring and unintelligible.

(3) Regarding the thesis, the pull point of the Bei Li Theory Examination should be the thesis, but the thesis does not need to be prepared too early. After all the basic things have been integrated, you only need to pay attention to the writing format later. The North Lei test is generally more general and not too biased, so I emphasized it before, read through the book, when writing the dissertation, you will find that many things in the book can be written in the dissertation, it is just to see how much you have Aspects of contact form a set of their own ways of looking at problems. In the later period, we should pay more attention to some frontier design issues and the papers published by the corresponding mentors.

(4) Endorsement

Endorsement is an artificial thing, and now looking back, half of the entire postgraduate entrance examination time should be spent on endorsement, especially in the later period, there is a kind of heart-piercing hurry. But in fact, the recitation of professional lessons in the real sense is not in the memory itself, because when you really go to the test room, you don't remember what the original words were, but you can already write the answers relatively professionally without depending on the original words. Understanding is most important! Framework is the most important! I designed the history from the beginning to the end. Cheng Da ’s book summed it up very well, and it can be taken directly. Since the review time was urgent, it was sorted out on one side, and it was basically in accordance with Cheng Da ’s schedule. Once before mid-October, and back again before the sprint class, after three or four times, the speed will become faster and faster. In the later period, it can be reached once every five days. There can be five or six times before and after. Historical theory is the most basic. Things must be cooked very well. For the rest of the books, according to the review experience, it is recommended to look at the methodology and human-machine, then the materials, and the final introduction to psychology. It is best to memorize everything before November, and then repeat it continuously.

The hand-painted words are a regret this year. Although the test was not satisfactory, I still thank Cheng Xuecheng. I sincerely recommend that those friends who do not know how to draw follow the Cheng University method. Do not draw blindly. After all, in the competitive group There is more room for improvement in the environment.

There is a lot of nonsense. I always feel that I have to say something more but it is not necessary. After all, I have to experience it for myself. Everyone is different. It ’s tiring to watch too much. Right and when you ca n’t hold it Let's take a look at it, the sisters and seniors all survived this way, no big deal. I think I am grateful that I chose to take the postgraduate entrance examination and insisted on it, not all because I passed the exam, but really after you insisted on the process that you did not have the confidence to persevere, you will really appreciate the process.

In the end, the mentality, no matter how many times you deny yourself in the process, you must insist on believing in yourself. It is not a big deal. To refuse to pretend to be sensational is to insist on believing in yourself. Come on! !! !!

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