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Dongfeng Honda CRV

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Zhou Guoping's Philosophy of Life

2013 2.4L two-wheel drive luxury version front two-wheel drive 5-speed automatic 5-door 5-seater SUV

19.78 Price: 198,800

Listing time 年02月 February 2015 New car price 249,400 yuan Show mileage 24069 km Annual inspection time February 2019 Use nature Non-operating Vehicle color white Vehicle location Shanghai Interior color black Accident history No accident Displacement 2.4

Basic vehicle parameters


马力L4 2.4L 190 horsepower L4


5-speed automatic

Length * width * height


4550 * 1820 * 1685

Body structure

5 door 5 seater SUV

Top speed

(Km / h)


Official 0-100km / h

Acceleration (s)


Comprehensive fuel consumption of MIIT

(L / 100km)


Engine-specific technology


Intake form

inhale naturally

Fuel form


Fuel supply method

Multi-point EFI

Grand ruling

Drive way

Front two drive

Basic vehicle configuration: keyless start system, keyless entry system, ABS anti-lock, electric sunroof, aluminum alloy wheels, leather steering wheel, multifunctional steering wheel, cruise control, front / rear parking radar, reverse video image, driving Computer display, leather seat, seat height adjustment, front seat electric adjustment, front seat heating, front fog light, headlight height adjustment, power window, rearview mirror electric adjustment, rearview mirror heating , Rearview mirror electric folding, rear wiper, automatic air conditioning, rear seat air outlet, temperature zone control.

contact number:

13816999169 (Mr. Ji )

(李先生) 13636390279 (Mr. Li)

Hall Address: No. 2418 Hunan Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai

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